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Here’s a New Year’s resolution that we just might keep – to be a bit more adventurous in the wines we buy. I know, I know, we know what we like and we like what we know – but how do we know that we won’t like all those lovely wines out there that friends, family and other wine buffs are enjoying right now?

There’s only one way to find out and that’s by following a few simple steps and, in the immortal lyrics of the genius that is ABBA, “take a chance on me!” So follow my handy step by step guide to a new favourite:

If you love Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc…

Wine swaps

Philippa’s suggestion: Extra Special Rueda Verdejo

Just because it tastes minty and flinty and a lot like Sauvignon Blanc doesn’t mean it’s from Marlborough. This is a seriously cool wine from the green region of Rueda in Spain, made from the Verdejo grape, and it’s so hip it hurts – brilliant with fish.

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Posted in Philippa's Wine Blog on 07 January 2015
Philippa's Wine Blog

Christmas changes with the people you are with. I remember childhood festivities of single presents, multiple meals and parents and grandparents, uncles and aunts all sitting round the sherry decanter watching the Queen’s speech.

Christmas wines

And time moves on. The grandparents have left us and our own children have arrived and Christmas Day is all about the night before, the stockings and the icing sugar footprints, the sleigh bells and the magic. And the exhaustion!

Then the Chorister Years when the daughters sang us through Advent and when the fun – rather than cassocked work – began after Evensong on Christmas Day.

And now. The daughters will cook for the four of us, so Christmas Day will be grown up and relaxed and we will travel again, to family and friends, on Boxing Day.

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Posted in Philippa's Wine Blog on 22 December 2014
Philippa's Wine Blog

I said I would say a personal hello to as many Wine Fair visitors that I could on my blog. So, as promised, here are a few shout outs.

The team at Taste of London Winter

Taste of London Winter

  • Tiffany and Carl, loyal customers, who drive past ‘another supermarket’ to get to Asda. Thank you! We love you, too!
  • Gini and Andrew, their son Jonathan and the lovely Sophie – great to meet the family!
  • Jason and Chiara who shared their enthusiasm for Goan cuisine – still think the Extra Special Viognier would be a great match!

Three Wine Men in Manchester

  • Gillian and John who couldn’t believe that Asda has a Master of Wine working for them and who said it gave them confidence to try our own label wine – hope you’ve been trying some Extra Special and have picked a few bottles for the festive season.
  • The delightfully enthusiastic Claire who we had a great laugh with and who is convinced I am responsible for changing her life by introducing her to wine. And then told Tim Atkin that she had met Philippa Carr, her heroine. Mildly embarrassing but hugely satisfying to know that knowledge paired with passion gets people interested in wine.
  • Kate and Barrie who were so keen on the Mencia that they described it as a wine which gives you a hug. Just the job for wintry weather.
  • Diane and Paul – thanks for a great conversation about wine and mutual friends
  • Hello to Christine, Sharon and Mike from Chester – hope you’ve entered the Win Philippa competition!

And last but not least…

  • All the brilliant people we met at the Wine Gang festival at VInopolis, especially the jolly bunch from the Warwick area – it was brilliant how you kept telling other visitors about our wines. And thank you for the University advice. We parents of teenagers going through the agonies of A levels definitely need to stick together!

So now I’ve stopped the travelling round the country for a bit I’m really missing the chat with customers. I would love to continue the conversations so feel free to add comments to the blog and let me know if you have done your Christmas shopping and which wines you’re enjoying from Asda.

You can add your reviews to the Wine Shop product pages as well – I’d love to hear from you.

In my next blog I shall be recommending wines for Christmas and New Year, so watch out for some of my favourites!

Posted in Philippa's Wine Blog on 19 December 2014
Philippa's Wine Blog

Well here we are having a great time at the Taste of London Winter festival in the cosy snugness of the Extra Special Festive Kitchen. Four days of wonderful food (who could forget the Iberico ham), inspiring demonstrations from celebrity chefs, Leiths and our own talented and totally amazing Margaret and Mark – and I did a few wine tastings as well.

Taste of Winter

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Posted in Philippa's Wine Blog on 12 December 2014
Philippa's Wine Blog

It was really great to meet all you lovely people who came along to the Wine Gang Christmas Wine Fair at Vinopolis on Saturday and I did enjoy chatting to you all.

Here’s a photo of Sarah, Hannah and me just before we welcomed all you brilliant wine tasters to our tables.

Philippa, Sarah and Hannah at the Wine Gang Christmas fair

Yes, I am very passionate about my wines so I hope you will be popping a few bottles into your Wine Shop basket this week and make me even more of a smiley person! And if you order some Extra Special wine remember you could win a wine tasting led by yours truly.

Imagine all that Philippa enthusiasm bubbling around your kitchen table!

Thanks especially to Landy_151 for dropping me a line. Landy, I agree about the Bierzo El Pajaro Rojo Mencia being superb so I’ve beaten you to it on the ordering stakes – I took delivery of half a dozen bottles yesterday. Happy Days!

And if anyone is planning a visit to A Taste of Winter at Tobacco Dock in London from the 20th to the 23rd – please pop along to the Asda stand and say hello. I’ll be doing some wine talks plus a very exciting cheese and wine matching demonstration with Alex James, Cheese Guru and ex-member of Blur. How cool is that?

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Posted in Philippa's Wine Blog on 21 November 2014