Ah, September the month when we pack away our summer clothes, snuggle into woolly jumpers, load up the car for the big back to University adventure and re-discover comfort foods. It’s also the month I get very excited about evening classes so I can learn something new.

So why not use your 20% off voucher to go back to Wine School and try something you’ve never had before? We’re offering a special discount from 16th to 23rd September with a code of WINE20 so this is your chance to explore some tasty bottles that are off the beaten track.

Recommended wines to pick up with our voucher code

Roversi Pecorino Tiere di Chieti – an achingly trendy Italian white
Pecorino, where have you been all my adult life? It’s not a cheese but a grape variety from Abruzzo which has in the past been sadly neglected but is now hot stuff. Waxy, citrusy, and as smooth as cream. If you like Fiano or Gavi you are going to absolutely love Pecorino – brilliant with pasta carbonara.

Frappato – Sicily’s red sensation
Now, I’ve been a fan of Nero d’Avola for a long time – all that jam-packed, sunshiney fruit is irresistible – but sometimes I really fancy a light and fruity red that is less winter warmer and more crisp Autumnal morning. Here is Frappato – berry fresh and just the job with Mediterranean-style fish or chicken dishes. If you like Beaujolais you have just found a wine that will make you smile.

Gran Bajoz Toro – rich and fulsome red from Spain
Goodness me, what a winter wonderland of spiced fruit in a bottle and a slow-cooker’s friend. Toro is the name of the wine region in north eastern Spain where the summers are hot, hot, hot and the winters are very cold. So this rich, chunky bottle will feel right at home matched to kitchen casseroles on a chilly day.

Posted by Philippa on 15 September 2014

Kon’nichiwa (hello!)

I was tasting some Koshu the other week (Koshu is a distinctly different grape variety grown in Japan) and I know that this will sound really posey, but it just didn’t measure up to the wines I tried whilst visiting Japan a couple of years ago.

Philippa Carr and a sumo wrestler in Japan

My tasting notes from back then refer to a fruity, citrusy style, a bit like Sauvignon Blanc with a hint of peach and that is what I was expecting this time. A shame, because Koshu is most definitely one of those light, refreshing, aromatic white wines which are the Hot New Varietals in the wine world.

So what would I recommend to have instead with sushi, a bento box or maybe sashimi? Here are some ideas from the Wine Shop to entice and excite – all fresh, all a little bit minerally or spicy, all uber-trendy and all light enough not to overwhelm the delicate flavours of Japanese cookery.

Wines to pair with Japanese food

Silver Bullet Laurenz V Gruner Veltliner
A favourite on restaurant wine lists (and can often be spotted in my wine rack at home) Gruner Veltliner is peppery, spicy and refreshing. An Austrian Gem.

Chateau Salmoniere Muscadet de Sevret et Maine Sur Lie 2013
Sadly neglected for a few years, Muscadet de Sevre et Maine is back in vogue – bright and bracing and brilliant with seafood and fish. Would make sushi smile!

Alba Signature Albarino 2012
Practically mainstream, Albarino is a food lover’s dream and our IWC Silver Medal winner from Galicia in North West Spain would taste sensational with sashimi salmon or tuna.

Calvet Pinot Blanc 2013
I’m a huge fan of Alsace wines since first visiting the region in France on my honeymoon and though it might have clouded my judgement a little I’ve never lost my love of their food friendly varietals. Pinot Blanc is a like a gentler, calmer sister to Pinot Grigio – not as crunchy and a lot more floral and peachy. This would say ‘bento box’ to me in almost any language.

Arigato (Thank you!)

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Posted by Philippa on 15 August 2014

Hurry! 20% off at the Asda Wine Shop ends at midnight on Tuesday 12th August – use discount code WINE20 to take advantage of this great deal!

I work with some very nice people at Asda – on a day to day basis they’re friendly and fun but sometimes they’re also very, very generous as you can see from this exciting offer of 20% off Wine Shop wines until midnight Tuesday 12th August. How good is that?

That means all sorts of gorgeous wines are even more affordable and lots of great value bottles are now almost ludicrously inexpensive. So treat yourself! I’ll certainly be buying these summery, barbecue friendly wines:

Summery wines that are great for barbecues

Musita Syrah – great with chunkily flavoured grilled or barbecued meats

Bierzo El Pajoro Rojo Mencia – gorgeously fruity and fantastic with tapas

Fossil – intense flavours plus a hint of the sea: stunning with cajun favours

Domaine Lavigne Saumur Champigny – lightly chilled, this will be wondrous with baked salmon

I’ve also added a few stars to my shopping list thanks to the lovely Jo, our Senior Buyer for Spain and Portugal.

Brilliant bargains on wine from Spain and Portugal

Jo has been working some magic and here are the new lower prices for the awesome (yes, I’m biased) Extra Special Dao and the clever, tasty range from Tagus Creek. Just think, with 20% off that’s one of my favourite Extra Specials for only £4 a bottle – join an orderly queue everyone…

And the Tagus Creek range from Portugal will be only £3.40 a bottle – I’m speechless!

Extra Special Dao £5
Tagus Creek Chardonnay £4.25
Tagus Creek Rose £4.25
Tagus Creek Shiraz £4.25

The code is WINE20 and runs our at midnight on Tuesday 12th August, so make hay whilst the sun shines and enjoy a whole week of Wine Shop bargains.

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Posted by Philippa on 08 August 2014

Our amazingly good, gold medal winning Koru New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc has just won the IWC Great Value Champion White Wine Trophy – and my goodness, aren’t we chuffed!

Koru Sauvignon Black Great Value Champion White Wine

That means it has been voted the very best value white from the whole of the competition and that means awesome quality and a stunning price – just £6, folks! It’s so good that it beat off worthy competition from the likes of Villa Maria at double the price.

So what could be finer than a glass or two of Koru with your barbecue this summer? Sounds good to me!

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Posted by Philippa on 22 July 2014

Recently we’ve been busy swirling, sniffing, spitting and selecting some really rather nice wines to add to our Wine Shop range and I thought I’d mark your cards as to my favourites from the list.

So here are some lovely summery wines to pop into your virtual wine case:

New and exciting wines

Gazzera Old Vines Catarratto £6
When I was in Sicily last Autumn I was struck by three things:

1. It’s a beautiful island
2. Nero d’Avola is awesome and should be celebrated
3. The whites, especially those from higher altitude vineyards, are fresh and lively and wonderful.

So here is Gazzera Old Vines Cataratto, a wine I created along with the winemaker that I’ve brought exclusively to the Wine Shop with not just a little pride and love. It smells wonderfully of mandarin oranges and tastes supple and fruit forward. Simply lovely with summery salads, fresh fish or lightly grilled chicken.

Musita Chardonnay £7.47
Another little gem from Sicily; this is a very fresh, elegant and pretty Chardonnay that the winemaker has cleverly allowed to speak for itself rather than covering his tracks with lots of winemakery tricks like lots of oak and stuff. If you love good wine, pure and simple, this is for you. Especially if you are having chicken or fish at all, any time, during the Summer. Perfect.

Losada Vinos de Finca El Pajaro Rojo 2013 £10.97
I am crazy about the Mencia grape – I think it is the new Malbec but bouncier and maybe a bit friendlier. This gorgeously fruity red from Castilla y Leon in Spain is puppyish in its jolly, juicy approachable fruit. Very trendy. Very New Wave. Very nice with barbecues.

In fact, The Wine Gang have just written it up in their monthly report giving it 87/100 and describing it as: “intensely cherryish on both the nose and palate with a sweet, almost opulent quality of black cherry fruit”. Which makes it sound quite serious. Which it isn’t really. It’s just good.

Gran Bajoz Tinta de Toro Vinas Viejas 2010 £7.98
So if you’re looking for a red that will stand up to blockbuster barbecued meats then this is the one for you. From the region of Toro in Spain, north-west of Madrid and close to the Portuguese border this oaky red is hugely impressive, choc-full of vanilla and rich, fruity flavours. Serious stuff.

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Posted by Philippa on 18 July 2014