The Wine Selection

If you like a medium-bodied red wine and are looking for inspiration for something new to try, here are three suggestions from our Wine Selection, all of them tried and tasted by an independent panel of wine experts.

We also asked some of our Facebook fans to sample the wines – and you can read their reviews below our wine team’s tasting notes.

Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon

The Wine Selection Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon

A smooth medium-bodied red crammed with ripe blackcurrant fruit flavours. Prepare to be transported to exotic climes with this Chilean favourite from the Central Valley region. Plenty of generous fruit flavours make this red an absolute must with a warming chilli or beef curry.

Gaynor Boundy, Leicester: "A night in with the girls couldn’t be better than with a glass of Asda’s Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon. I thoroughly enjoyed drinking this wine and as soon as I opened the bottle, we were hit with lovely fruity smells and it instantly made us look forward to pouring a glass to enjoy with our dinner.

“From the first sip we were met with a delicious burst of fruitiness which wasn’t too heavy on the palate. It was a fantastic wine to enjoy with our dinner as it brought the flavours of the chilli out in our meal. I would definitely recommend this wine as a must buy especially on a cold winter’s night alongside a big plate of chilli con carne or beef stroganoff.”

French Syrah

The Wine Selection French Syrah

A big, powerful red from the south of France – spicy with ripe bramble flavours. Beautifully rounded, it’s packed with forest fruit flavours and a touch of aromatic spice and pepper. Enjoy with hearty casseroles or roast Mediterranean vegetables.

Gaynor McNulty, Lancashire: “I love to have an occasional glass of red wine when I get in from work, whilst I’m pottering about putting dinner together. I thought this cheerful red was perfect for this! It had just the right amount of fruity berry flavours and just the right amount of nice warm feeling afterwards. It wasn’t too powerful or spicy, just really smooth and enjoyable! I’ve made a note to look out for a French Syrah next time I’m shopping.”

Juliette Morrison, Middlesex: “We were delighted that this wine tasted smooth and velvety. Although, I would recommend that you pour it into the glass and let it breath for a bit before drinking. Would definitely buy again.”

Marques Del Norte Rioja

The Wine Selection Marques Del Norte Rioja

This classic Spanish red is jam-packed with juicy red berry flavours and a hint of pleasing spice. Simply wonderful with all roast meat dishes.

Steve Hales, Morayshire: “This is an excellent, great value Rioja that could easily have been mistaken for a much more expensive bottle of wine. After decanting and allowing to come up to room temperature it went great with our roast beef and yorkies on Sunday. It was a wonderfully rich, dark coloured wine that was full of fruit flavours and which complemented our Sunday dinner perfectly. It is my opinion that this medium bodied Rioja would be the ideal choice for that special family meal.”

Spanish Garnacha Tempranillo

The Wine Selection Spanish Garnacha Tempranillo

This smooth red is rich in juicy berry flavours with hints of spice. This wine is a fantastic choice with Sunday roasts or barbecued meats.

Gaynor Boundy, Leicester: “I opened this bottle to have alongside our Sunday lunch of roast beef with all the trimmings. When I first opened the bottle we were all pleasantly surprised at the lovely berry smells that popped right out the bottle and filled the dining area. On pouring a glass and having our first taste, we had a instant burst of fruitiness leaving us all feeling very refreshed. My mum really enjoyed this wine and had stated that she would also like to try this wine in gravy as it went fantastic with our beef. I would say this is a lovely very fruity wine that’s bursting with crisp berry freshness. It is certainly very moorish and is a great compliment to any table – or BBQ!”

Montepulciano D'Abruzzo

The Wine Selection Montepulciano D’Abruzzo

This tasty red is full of warm Tuscan sunshine and made from the damson-flavoured Montepulciano grape. Smooth and fruity, this is great with pepperoni pizza or sausage and mash.

Diane Pearce, Gwent: “This wine was surprisingly enjoyable; rich, fruity and spicy. It has a full bodied kick to it and I can imagine using it as a base for mulled wine during the winter months. Sharing is optional! I would suggest this could also be an excellent pairing for pizza, pasta or any spicy food. Also goes exceptionally well with Easter eggs.”


The Wine Selection Corbieres

This ripe, brambly French red has a rich aroma of wild herbs. This is the perfect thirst quencher on hot summer evenings, and lovely with barbecued meats.

Claire Millar, Hertfordshire: “I have had French wine before, but don’t normally buy red wine, but I was pleasantly surprised by this bottle. My husband made a homemade lasagne, and we both thought that the wine went perfectly with the meal. We let the wine come to room temperature before we tried it, and thought that it smelt very fruity, rather cherry. We tried a glass before the meal and enjoyed the fruitiness of it, but thought that it was more herby when we drank it with food. I would happily take this wine to friends as a gift.”

Debra Woodward, Northumberland: “I thoroughly enjoyed the corbieres midweek with tagliatelle and meatballs in a smokey bacon and tomato sauce served with garlic bread. The red wine really complemented the meal. The wine had a lovely fragrant aroma and was very fruity with a velvet texture on the palette with just a hint of dryness. This is a wine I would definitely buy and recommend to others.”

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The Wine Selection

If you’re looking for a light and fruity bottle of wine that’s perfect for summer try one of these two bottles from our Wine Selection range.

They’ve been tasted and approved by a panel of wine experts – and we also sent samples to some of our Facebook fans. You can read their reviews under our wine team’s tasting notes.


The Wine Selection Beaujolais

This award-winning red has summer sunshine in every sip. It’s a gorgeously light and breezy Beaujolais that’s crammed full of summer fruit flavours. Try chilled with an omelette and Mediterranean style salad.

Laura Hennell, West Sussex: “I wouldn’t normally buy a red wine but I have to say I was very surprised by this wine. I found it very smooth and fruity with great berry flavours. We enjoyed it with the family over a roast beef dinner. We all said we would buy this wine again.”

Chilean Merlot

The Wine Selection Chilean Merlot

Prepare your taste buds for a real signature Merlot – soft and simply drenched in forest fruit and wild berry flavours. The perfect partner for Italian pasta dishes.

Juliette Morrison, Middlesex: “This weekend I opened the Chilean Merlot to go with our family meal, Shepherds Pie. The wine was light and fruity with some really great flavours in it. It wasn’t too heavy and I would certainly choose this wine for the perfect midweek drink as it was very smooth. The flavours of blackberries and raspberries were particularly noticeable. I thoroughly enjoyed this wine and look forward to buying a bottle in the near future.”

Emma-Jane Wilkinson, Cramlington: “The red wine was delicious, fruity and went wonderfully with crispy duck and pancakes at a friend’s movie night. All my friends had a taste and would definitely buy it and have it again for any occasion whether that be a party or night in with a DVD and pyjamas.”

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The Wine Selection

The Wine Selection at Asda groups wines together by style – like the Smooth and Fruity range of white wines, which have an easy-drinking texture and juicy bursts of fruity flavour.

Fans of the Asda Facebook page volunteered to sample the wines – and you can read their reviews below our wine team’s tasting notes.


The Wine Selection Marsanne

This award-winning white Languedoc Roussillon region of France is bottled summer sunshine. The perky blend of peach and floral flavours with a smooth spicy finish make it just perfect with salads, fish dishes or chicken.

Steve Hales, Morayshire: “This Pays d’Oc was really easy to drink, with a lovely colour and a light and fruity flavour. We enjoyed this bottle after a hard day’s work sharing a chicken curry and relaxing whilst listening to music. Keep a bottle chilling in the fridge for when you need to kick off your shoes and unwind. A most enjoyable white.”

Geraldine Trafford, Cleveland: “Well I shared this one with my husband and friends together around a dinner consisting of salmon and prawn risotto. We each tasted the wine – I could taste melon, another friend could taste pear, another apple and another liquorice – very strange but that is what she insisted! This was a very dry/sharp fruity flavour which I found quite dry but very enjoyable. I could taste an overwhelming flavour of melon but no trace of liquorice. It left a dry feeling in my mouth but it was pleasant. An enjoyable white wine which I would gladly buy myself.”

French Chardonnay

The Wine Selection French Chardonnay

This ever-popular white boasts a lovely light, creamy character with a sensationally sunny mix of melon and pear flavours. Light and soft, it’s the perfect chill out Chardonnay and is wonderful paired with quiche or pasta carbonara.

Diane Pearce, Gwent: “This is simply gorgeous! I really enjoyed it, it’s very light, not too dry and very very moreish – wonderfully easy to drink. This is going to be a perfect summer wine, but perfect for any occasion also! I also think it would be a perfect wine to try with any pasta or chicken dish as it’s so light. I would definitely add this to my shopping list.”


The Wine Selection Verdicchio

This award-winning fresh, dry white from the Le Marche region of Italy is perfect with fish or pasta. Chill well to enjoy its aromas of apple, citrus and melon with just a hint of nuttiness.

Emma Furniss, Gloucester: “We saved this bottle of chilled white wine for our Friday supper – spicy chicken wraps. The wine went beautifully with the meal as it was light, dry and fresh with a hint of fruitiness. The spiciness needed a cooling wine and we felt they paired well as the Verdiccio was very refreshing. We have always enjoyed Italian white wine and this was no exception. Although the wine went well with the meal, I also feel it could be enjoyed on its own with friends.”

Langhorne Creek Chardonnay

The Wine Selection Langhorne Creek Chardonnay

This Australian white blends creamy flavours with a distinctive hint of vanilla. The elegant wine is wonderful on its own or a satisfying match with chicken or fish dishes.

Laura Hennell, West Sussex: “This is the exact type of wine that I would normally buy. Very light and fruity could definitely taste the light oaked flavour. Lovely peach and melon flavours perfect for any occasion. Would certainly buy again, excellent!”

Emma Furniss, Gloucester: “We opened this chilled wine on a Saturday evening, in front of the TV with a few crisps and dips. It was nice and fruity and ideal for an evening in. Again, would buy this wine again, perhaps to eat with chicken or pasta.”

Steve Hales, Morayshire: “The Langhorne Creek Chardonnay was lovely. Really fresh and smooth. I would definitely recommend one or two of these in the fridge for those hot summer evenings when you light the barbecue (if we ever get some summer!!) This Australian Chardonnay went really well with the fish dish we had last night, but it would go perfectly well with most food groups as it is absolutely delicious. One to keep for sure.”


The Wine Selection Orvieto

This white wine from Central Italy has a gentle hint of spice and floral flavours. Slightly sweet, this characterful white is the perfect partner for creamy pasta dishes, summer fruits or salads.

Mark Leonard, West Midlands: “What a lovely fresh, fruity wine. Thoroughly enjoyable with a lovely crisp flavour and a fantastic semi sweet finish on the palatte. This wine was enjoyed on its own after work one evening so the full flavour was appreciated. We will certainly be buying this wine again.”

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The Wine Selection

Our Master of Wine, Philippa Carr, put together the Wine Selection range at Asda to make it easy for you to discover new wines to suit different drinking occasions. If you’re looking for a Crisp & Refreshing wine to serve chilled on a warm summer day these three should hit the spot.

We asked some of our Facebook fans to sample the wines – and you can read their reviews below our wine team’s tasting notes.

Pinot Grigio

The Wine Selection Pinot Grigio

A glass full of crisp green apple flavours – chill well, pour generously, kick back and savour every last drop with friends and a bowl of salad and pizza.

Lisa Jones, Dudley: “Having tried and enjoyed Pinot Grigio wines before I was looking forward to opening this bottle. It was cool, refreshing, crisp and thankfully not sickly sweet like some whites can be. It was a very delicate wine and on the plus side it matched both the pasta and later on the ice cream perfectly. Definitely easy drinking! If you are looking for an everyday, every occasion, white wine then this is the place to start.”


The Wine Selection Frascati

From the picturesque hills surrounding the Frascati area in central Italy comes this dry and creamy light Italian white filled with crisp and refreshing flavours. As Italian as ice cream or opera it’s an absolute classic with bright, refreshing flavours singing out. Chill out with this perfect match to shellfish dishes and creamy pasta carbonara.

Allison Webber, Renfrewshire: “I really enjoyed the Asda Frascati wine. It’s a lovely fresh light white, with a delicate lemony taste, which I enjoyed it alongside chicken and wild mushroom pie, but it would also be enjoyable with fish or on its own. I have not tried Frascati before but I would definitely buy this wine again.”

Margaret River Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

The Wine Selection Margaret River Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

This perky white blends flowery aromas with bursts of citrus. There’s a deliciously subtle blend of floral and lemony notes from a region where sun-drenched grapes are tempered by the mild coastal climate. Absolutely superb served with Oriental or Asian cuisine.

Geraldine Trafford, Cleveland: "I tasted this wine first with a friend while we shared a Chinese meal. I found it to have a very pleasant aroma which I would describe as fruity, floral with hints of apples and liquorice. A crisp dry wine which did not leave a dry sensation on your palate like some other dry wines.

“The wine complemented our Chinese meal very well and was very refreshing. I had some more of the wine the next day with a roast lamb dinner with my husband – he also enjoyed the wine and mentioned how the fruity apple flavour complemented our dinner. A delightful wine.”

Gill Caley, York: “I really enjoyed this wine, much nicer than the last white wine I tried! It was crisp without being too dry. I had my first couple of glasses alongside a chicken curry and it went really well with that. The rest I had with some posh crisps and that was nice too. I don’t know if I’ve tried this blend of grapes before but this wine was really nice.”

South African Chenin Blanc

The Wine Selection South African Chenin Blanc

This fresh and fruity dry white is bursting with crisp appley aromas and zesty citrus flavours. This is a really refreshing style from South Africa and goes well with Chinese dishes.

Sarah Nicholson, Essex: “This wine has a gorgeous sweet aroma – it came across as soft yet fresh. The wine tasted extremely refreshing but was rather sharp on the tongue. I enjoyed this wine with my partner midweek as we ate a pastry dish with tomatoes, ham, cheese and salad. I would definitely consider buying this white wine on a regular basis.”

Chilean Sauvignon Blanc

The Wine Selection Chilean Sauvignon Blanc

This Sauvignon Blanc is clean and crisp, crammed with crunchy apples and green grass flavours. Lovely sipped on a summer’s afternoon.

Lisa Jones, Dudley: “A crisp, fresh wine with a lovely fruity tang. It had a lovely summery bouquet and warming taste. It was pleasantly smooth and dry with no overpowering sugary bite. I have drunk Chilean red wines before but this was my first white wine. It’s now been added to my mental wine cellar to try again. Oh, it also kept well to be finished off the next day too!”

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The Wine Selection

If you’re looking for a rich and full bodied red wine we’ve got some great options in our Wine Selection, all chosen by our Master of Wine Philippa Carr and approved by a panel of experts.

We also asked some of our Facebook fans to sample the wines – and you can read their reviews below our wine team’s tasting notes.

Barossa Valley Shiraz

The Wine Selection Barossa Valley Shiraz

Layers of spice and a forest-full of soft fruit flavours make this great big red from South Australia a powerhouse of a wine and a satisfying match for casseroles, roast meats and curries.

Diane Pearce, Gwent: “The wine is beautiful and very easy to drink. I had friends round for dinner and they commented that it was very easy to drink, left a lovely fruity taste after each sip and was gentle on the taste buds and not harsh like some. The flavours worked very well with the casserole we had, although I think it would go with most dishes. I would definitely recommend this wine to drink with or without food. Good company is always a bonus though!”

Argentinean Malbec

The Wine Selection Argentinean Malbec

The Malbec grape really relishes the South American sunshine and produces a deliciously rich and fruity, award-winning red with basketfuls of wild bramble flavours – simply fantastic with chilli con carne.

Lisa Jones, Dudley: “I’d never drunk Argentinean wine before, but I will again! As soon as you open the bottle you are hit by the delicious aroma of fruity berries and when poured you see the lovely dark redness of it. It was a very smooth tasting wine with none of that bad after taste that some heavy red wines can leave you with. It perfectly matched the beef and a little dash in the gravy is a must do with it! My family gave it an 8/10 rating. A sign for me of a good red is if you can eat chocolate with it and with this wine you can!”

Rachael Woodhouse, Lincoln: “I took the advice from the wine’s label and served alongside a spicy dish, my favourite spicy pasta bolognese. I was really pleased with this bottle, I’m usually weary of red wines as I find them too acidic for me but this wine was lovely. It was very soft and fruity with no bitter after taste. This is another wine to add to my list of wines to buy!”

Shelly Pearce, Wiltshire: “Argentinean Malbec with its bold and beautifully intense colour, is a perfect accompaniment to be had with lasagne, I found it to be very smooth bursting with a berry zing it had all the fabulous qualities you would expect in a very good red wine both the wine and lasagne complemented themselves perfectly.”

Langhorne Creek Cabernet Sauvignon

The Wine Selection Langhorne Creek Cabernet Sauvignon

Layers of flavours like ripe blackcurrants, chocolate and mint make this smooth Australian red the perfect match for red meat and poultry dishes.

Gill Caley, York: “I have tried Cabernet Sauvignon wines before and liked them but this wine I really loved! It’s so deeply fruity and smooth. I drank it with some venison burgers and it went really well. I had more while relaxing in front of the telly and enjoyed it again. It’s definitely a wine I’d be happy to buy and also recommend to friends too.”


The Wine Selection Pinotage

This smooth South African wine is full of fruity berry flavours and hints of warm earthiness. It takes a powerful wine like this to complement intense spicy dishes.

Gaynor McNulty, Lancashire: “My favourite so far! I’d probably pick this up whilst perusing the wine aisle because it says rich, full bodied and fruity on the front. I wouldn’t be disappointed either because it’s so lovely. It smells great, and that instant, powerful burst of fruit lasts for ages, long after it has warmed its way down to your belly. This is exactly the type of bottle I try to buy as a gift or to take to a dinner party, as it looks classy and I genuinely don’t think you can fault it even if you’re not a big wine drinker.”

South African Cabernet Sauvignon

The Wine Selection South African Cabernet Sauvignon

This powerful wine is packed with blackcurrant flavours. The stacks of blackcurrant flavours and hints of creamy vanilla in this rich red make it perfect with hearty roasts.

Alison Webber, Renfrewshire: “I really loved the South African Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s a deliciously punchy red, with a deeply juicy flavour and slightly dry finish. It is just perfect on its own, but I think it would be lovely with slow cooked lamb or beef. My husband and I enjoyed this on a Friday evening in, I will certainly be buying this again.”

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