Who said romance is dead? Our 7p Valentine's card is a winner!

Our Smartprice Valentine’s card has got everyone talking – and it’s proved so popular it’s sold out everywhere.

Smartprice Valentine's card

At just 7p it’s definitely the thought that counts – the message inside reads “My love for you is priceless”.

The card – which features our new Smartprice branding – prompted loads of tweets including one by footballer Joey Barton.

It was also featured on the Hot UK Deals website and appeared on ITV’s Daybreak and in the press.

Here’s what some of you have been saying about it on Twitter:

@NFletch93 Wow, Asda smart price Valentines Day cards for 7p. Who wants one, I’m buying! :P

@RollingDany I ask you, what’s the bigger romantic gesture? Taking a lady out for an evening and spending £70? Or buying her 1000 Asda Valentine’s cards?

@iyahshannon that 7p Asda valentines card is famous. If I had a pound every time it was mentioned to me I’d be on a beach somewhere(probably Cleethorpes)

@KarinMochan First it was 99p smellies, now the 7p #Valentine card from Asda. What next from Cupid?

@NeilBVickery ASDA selling 7p valentine cards ! I WILL be bothering with valentines day this year after all

@_hiiamemma just seen that asda valentines card for 7p.. i’d be over the moon if a guy got me that. clever lad not wasting his money

Laura from our cards team says: “We noticed there was a gap in the market for people who don’t take Valentine’s Day too seriously, but still want to make a gesture.”

And if you’d like to spoil your partner a bit more this Valentine’s we’ve got great deals on our Extra Special range – you can pick up two main courses, two side dishes, two desserts and a bottle of wine for just £10. See our Dine in for two

With so many Smartprice cards being given this Valentine’s Day we’d love to hear how they’re received – so if you get one let us know and tell us what you think!

Posted in Valentines on 03 February 2012