Tickled Pink

With Valentine’s Day in the air, buying some beautiful new underwear may be on the minds of some women, or men brave enough not to be daunted by the lingerie aisle!

Breast Cancer Care in support of Tickled Pink

However after a diagnosis of breast cancer, more than 80% of women suffer the trauma of surgery to remove part or all of one or both their breasts. After going through surgery, women affected often tell Breast Cancer Care they feel unfeminine and like they will never be able to feel confident and glamorous.

Breast Cancer Care’s free Lingerie Evenings, which take place in local communities across the UK, can help women find body confidence after surgery, give them the opportunity to be fitted with post-surgery bras, and see how the lingerie looks on volunteer models who have had breast cancer themselves.

Elaine Wilson, 47, from Macclesfield, attended a Lingerie Evening having a full mastectomy of her right breast. She said: “Before I attended the Lingerie Evening, I was not interested in nice clothes or lingerie at all. I just wanted to hide away in baggy, ‘nothing’ clothes after surgery. I didn’t know how to make the most of my new shape and I had no idea of the underwear that was available.

“The Lingerie Evening gave me some great ideas and a new feeling of confidence. Seeing the women there who had also gone through it and had adjusted to their new ‘body normal’ was inspiring. The fact they were able to make the most of their new figures proved to me that I could still feel and look good.”

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Posted in Tickled Pink on 14 February 2014
Tickled Pink

After 17 years of fundraising we’ve raised a massive £38 million to help fight cancer through our Tickled Pink campaign.

We’d like to say a massive thank you and well done to all our customers and colleagues who have helped us to raise this fantastic amount for Breast Cancer Campaign and Breast Cancer Care since Tickled Pink started in 1996. Your support has helped to raise awareness and money for the treatment of breast cancer in the UK.


In 2013 Tickled Pink supported Breast Cancer Care’s HeadStrong service and Breast Cancer Campaign’s Tissue Bank, a Scientific Fellowship and a number of research projects across the UK. The money raised for Tickled Pink has enabled each of these charities to provide a lifeline of support to thousands and fund world class, innovative research.

Thanks to Tickled Pink’s support in 2013, Breast Cancer Care have increased the size of HeadStrong by nearly 50% and have opened eight new centres in local communities – including Aintree, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lanarkshire and Newcastle.

Breast Cancer Care’s HeadStrong service offers vital one-to-one tailored support and practical information. These expert tips and emotional support give people certainty in their ability to manage hair loss due to cancer treatment.

HeadStrong is now in 28 locations throughout the UK, providing support to thousands more people in their local communities. The service is completely free and available at any stage of their breast cancer diagnosis or treatment. Every £50 raised is enough to fund one HeadStrong session.

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Posted in Tickled Pink on 21 January 2014
Tickled Pink

Tickled Pink Event

On 27th November colleagues from across the UK gathered at the House of Commons for the annual Tickled Pink thank you event. Hosted by Chinyelu Onwaruh MP, the event celebrated the amazing efforts of Asda colleagues, who raised money and awareness for Tickled Pink throughout 2013. We’ve raised over £4 million for both charities so far and we are still counting!

Baroness Delyth Morgan, Chief Executive of Breast Cancer Campaign, said: “It was humbling to meet some of the Asda Community Life Champions and colleagues who raise incredible amounts of money for Tickled Pink. They make such a huge difference every year, so this was our way of thanking them.”

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Posted in Tickled Pink on 06 December 2013
Tickled Pink

In 2013 and beyond Tickled Pink has supported Breast Cancer Care’s HeadStrong service – which helps prepare patients for hair loss due to cancer treatment with expert tips and emotional support.


Thanks to Tickled Pink’s support in 2013, Breast Cancer Care have been able to increase the service’s size by almost 50% and support thousands more women through the trauma of hair loss due to cancer treatment. HeadStrong is now in 28 locations throughout the UK.

Margaret Warriner was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, had a recurrence in 2005 and is a volunteer at the HeadStrong service at Aintree. She said: "I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 56 years old and as well as having to face all the treatments, I also lost my hair. I found this very difficult and lost my confidence as a result.

“Breast Cancer Care’s HeadStrong service is so valuable as we are able to offer women with breast cancer a chance to try on a range of scarves and hats in a confidential and relaxed atmosphere with volunteers like myself who understand how they may be feeling.”

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Posted in Tickled Pink on 28 November 2013
Tickled Pink

Mark Ibbotson

Breast Cancer Awareness Month came to a close with a reception at City Hall – highlighting the importance of research in overcoming breast cancer.

Mark Ibbotson, Asda’s Retail Director, spoke at the event alongside Breast Cancer Campaign Chief Executive Baroness Delyth Morgan.

Earlier this month, Breast Cancer Campaign published the findings of its Gap Analysis 2013, which identified the ten critical gaps that exist in breast cancer research.

The findings have informed Breast Cancer Campaign’s new action plan, Help Us Find The Cures, which sets out its hopes and ambitions for the future for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer and how the scientific community, funding organisations, industry, policy makers and Government must now join forces to address the gaps.

Thanks to all customers and colleagues who have supported our Tickled Pink campaign over the years – to date we’ve raised over £10.7 million for Breast Cancer Campaign – which has helped to fund 80 research projects including the Breast Cancer Campaign Tissue Bank.

Posted in Tickled Pink on 20 November 2013