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The Breast Cancer Care fashion show rocks!

On the 3rd of October, Breast Cancer Care kicked off Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2012 with their annual fashion show – where 22 women and two men took to the catwalk to prove you can look and feel great after a diagnosis of breast cancer.

We were very proud to attend the event that saw George at Asda sponsoring the opening scene called ‘The Rock Chick Scene’.

fashion show

Breast Cancer Care model Deborah Godfrey, 49, wore a glittery jacket and a fab chain belt for the scene. She said “I loved being a rock chick for the day! I applied to take part in the show as a personal celebration and to support an absolutely wonderful charity. But the day was beyond my expectations, it was just thrilling.”

Deborah – who is a Solicitor working in London – was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was just 42. She said “I did not cry but very quickly shock turned to an absolute and fundamental fear. I was so sad that my beautiful four-year-old daughter could be left without a mum.”

Deborah’s treatment included a mastectomy, chemotherapy and other drugs until 2010. She said "I think the majority of people already know what is really important in life, however to face death really shows you that nothing matters apart from the love that you have for your family and friends.

“The rock chick scene was one of my favourite outfits. It really summed up how we were all feeling, that real attitude – it was us saying, we are all here tonight!”

Posted in Tickled Pink on 08 October 2012
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