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Stuart to take part in Breast Cancer Care's fashion show


We’re delighted to announce that Stuart Weaver will be joining Asda colleague Maxine Green in modelling at this year’s annual Breast Cancer Care fashion show!

At the Grosvenor House Hotel on October 2nd, Stuart will be strutting his stuff alongside 24 women who, like him, have all had a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Stuart, 44, was first diagnosed when he was just 36-years-old. He said: "My world stopped when I was diagnosed. My kids were only 10 and eight at the time. I felt so alien as a man and I felt completely alone.

“I had a mastectomy in 2005, followed by chemotherapy, radiotherapy and herceptin. Then, six and a half years later, I felt pain in my chest again. Initially I thought it was pain from the gym as I had just started a new regime. But the cancer had spread to my sternum. I had this removed followed by chemo and herceptin.

“Doing The Show will give me back some much needed confidence. It will help me to learn to live again and not sit around waiting for it to come back and ruin mine and my family’s lives once more.

“Having breast cancer changes your life forever but you need to keep strong and fight back, even though some days it seems impossible. Male breast cancer is still rare and not known about, so I feel like it’s imperative I highlight it and stand up for those who have experienced it. I have beaten it twice now and will go on fighting against it.”

To find out more about The Show for Breast Cancer Care, or to purchase tickets, visit the official website.

Posted in Tickled Pink on 09 September 2013
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