Tickled Pink

Michelle makes customers smile with 20 different outfits in 20 days

Weston-super-Mare colleague Michelle Harding has been making customers smile with her Tickled Pink challenge this year.

Just like that ... Tommy Cooper, or is it Matt Smith's Dr Who?

Michelle, who works on our Kiosk counter in store, wore 20 different fancy dress outfits in 20 days and customers loved seeing what she was going to wear next.

Star Trek fan

Michelle loves any excuse to dress up – in her spare time she volunteers at costume conventions with Optimus who hold regular events for fans of comic, film and TV characters.

Nutty professor

Customers even started requesting costumes – like this Miss Trunchball outfit from Matilda which Michelle has worn previously for World Book Day:

Miss Trunchball

She made the challenge even harder for herself by taking part in a sponsored head shave on day 15 with fellow colleague Moira Price.

Moira and Michelle after their sponsored head shave

Michelle and Moira raised £1228.58 between them for this year’s #Proud2BePink campaign – amazing! Tickled Pink celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and we’re hoping to beat our target of £50 million for Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now.

Michelle had to factor the head shave into her costume planning: “I’m trying to wear all the ones that need hair first!” she said. “I’ve only got one wig and it’s blue.”

Inspired by the film Inside out Michelle dresses up as "Sadness"

“The head shave is something I’ve wanted to do for a few years. I decided to do it this year and then had to get permission from my brother because he’s getting married the week after!”

Looking fabulous in pink for day 20

The store’s Community Champion Clare Virgo said: “Our two truly amazing front end colleagues Michelle and Moira bravely had their heads shaved and wow, the customers were so supportive and generous. Well done girls, you have made Asda Weston, very proud.”

You can see more photos of Michelle’s outfits and the in-store head shave in our gallery below – just click the blue arrows to scroll through the photos.

Posted in Tickled Pink on 31 October 2016