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Jayne: "If it wasn't for Tickled Pink, I wouldn't be here"

Jayne Smith

Jayne, from Liverpool, provides a great example of the impact Tickled Pink can have – “If it wasn’t for Tickled Pink I wouldn’t be here,” she says. “It was because of Asda that I started to check my breasts.”

Jayne always bought Tickled Pink products at her local Asda store, and it was awareness of the messages behind the campaign that prompted her to start regularly checking her breasts.

In 2007 she found a lump and immediately went to the doctors to have it examined. Unfortunately for Jayne, she didn’t receive a proper diagnosis for at least another 18 months.

“I thought I was going to die because I knew I’d had it for 18 months to two years.” However, Jayne’s cancer was not the most aggressive form of the disease and, having undergone 12 weeks of treatment, there is now only a 5% chance that her cancer will return.

Jayne is involved with Breast Cancer Campaign, one of the two charities that Tickled Pink supports, and actively shares her experience to try to raise awareness and help other women deal with their experiences.

“If you get it early enough,” Jayne told us, “you can be okay – people need to know that.”

Posted in Tickled Pink - Stories on 25 September 2012
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