Making Asda a better business

At Asda we’re dedicated to keeping prices low and delivering great value to you, our customer.

Saving you money every day isn’t just a slogan you know – we make it our daily mission.

We think you’ll agree that value for money is simply good business.

But we know we can always be better, and we’re continually working to make Asda a better business, for our customers, colleagues and the planet.

Better means treating our colleagues and suppliers more fairly, cutting down on energy use in stores, and helping you find healthy, affordable products. These actions are good for people and for the planet. While some call it sustainability – we just call it better business.

This isn’t something new to us. We’ve always worked hard to reduce our impact on the environment. Since 2005, with our parent company Walmart, we’ve been measuring our achievements in three key areas: products, energy, and waste.

We’re proud to say we’ve made real progress, generating some fantastic stories along the way, as well as setting ambitious plans for the future.

Now we want to invite you to join us on this journey. Whether it’s cutting back on food waste or the energy use in the home, we know everyone can get involved. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth!

Read on for more information. You can download our full sustainability strategy with our achievements and targets here.#

06 December 2011