Working to cut waste every day

We’re working hard every day to make sure nothing goes to waste. We’ve already managed to stop over 96.5% of waste from our operations, and all of our food, being sent to landfill. We’re also co-chairing the IGD working group seeking to reduce supply chain waste. Throwing rubbish into landfill costs us money and pollutes the environment. But waste costs you money too. By helping you cut your waste, we can help save you money every day.

We've also set up a project with FareShare, the national charity committed to fighting hunger. We're going to send surplus stock from our distribution centres to FareShare depots. From there, they can distribute it to over 900 charities, where it's cooked and served to people who really need it, meaning that perfectly good food does not go to waste.

Cutting our waste

Helping you cut waste

  • On the box. Our depot-to-store packaging boxes are made of tough plastic. We use them again and again and again!

  • Miles better. We fill our empty delivery lorries with store waste when they go back to local depots. This cuts down road miles and makes it easier for us to recycle as much as possible.

  • Energy food. We don’t throw any food waste into landfill. It’s either given to charity, or turned into something useful like energy, biofuel or pet food!

  • Food for FareShare. The food we donate helps reduce surplus food stock and makes a huge difference to people who really need it.

  • Love leftovers. Visit Asda magazine to see a selection of recipes that help you turn leftovers into delicious dinners and lovely lunches.

  • Park ‘n’ recycle. We’ve set up in-store recycling facilities in most of our car parks for all those little things your Council might not collect, including carrier bags, batteries and clothing.

Our work so far (2005-2011):

Operation and construction waste
  • We’ve diverted over 96.5%* of waste from our operations from landfill.

  • We’ve diverted 95%* of our construction waste from landfill.

  • We were the first retailer to sign WRAP’s construction waste charter .

Food Waste
  • No food waste is sent to landfill.

  • The food that Asda sends to FareShare will result in 3.75 million meals by the end of 2013.

Our plans (2012-2015):

Operational and construction waste
  • We will continue to work towards diverting 100% of our operations from landfill.

Food Waste
  • We’re aiming for a 4% cut in household food and drink waste from our sector by 2013, working with our competitors on the Courtauld 2 Commitments.

*absolute – means that even though we’re growing as a business, the total amount of waste we produce has gone down since 2005.
    **from a 2005 baseline.
    Sustainability | Food Waste

    At Asda, we don’t believe in wasting things, especially great tasting food. We want to focus on putting tasty food on your family’s plate, and not in the bin.

    None of our stores send food to landfill as waste. If it’s still good quality it’s given to charities like Fareshare, who provide good quality food to vulnerable communities. Or it’s sent back to our Asda Service Centres (ASCs) we find ways to recycle it all.

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    21 February 2011
    Sustainability | Food Waste

    As part of being a better business we want to know exactly where our food comes from, and we know you do too. We’re working closely with our suppliers to see where we can make savings including cutting back on food waste.

    At Asda, we sell on average 100,000 bags of carrots a week! The carrots we sell in our bags are mostly the same shape and size, but we know that’s not how they come out of the ground. We visited one of our carrot suppliers to see how they get them that way, while making sure no carrots are left behind.

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    Posted in Sustainability | Food Waste on 21 February 2011
    Sustainability | Store Waste

    At Asda we don’t want to waste anything. Our aim is to send no waste to landfill, right across the business – from clothing to construction – and we’re proud of how well we’re doing. None of our returned George clothing goes to landfill, and we were the first retailer to sign WRAP’s construction waste charter. Recently we were highly commended for sustainable construction in the business.

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    Posted in Sustainability | Store Waste on 21 February 2011
    Sustainability | Store Waste

    We know it can be tricky to cut down on waste, so we’re looking at finding as many ways as possible to help you out. Here’s just a few of the things we’re doing, helping you do your bit for the environment…


    In the UK, we only recycle about 5% of all household batteries. The rest end up in landfill where harmful chemicals leak into the soil, affecting the environment. We’ve now got special recycling bins in our supermarkets, so give us your used batteries and we’ll make sure they’re taken care of properly.

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    Posted in Sustainability | Store Waste on 21 February 2011