We’re being smarter with the miles we travel

Our distribution team have their own mantra on sustainability, which they call 'fewer and friendlier miles' - reducing the number of road miles each year and therefore the carbon emissions too. To help us achieve this, we work closely with our suppliers to find more efficient ways to transport our goods. We look for the best transport option available - including longer vehicles, double decker trucks and eco-friendly tyres - to reduce miles, carbon and costs. It means that the products we bring you have smaller impact, and a smaller price tag.

Cutting our road miles

Helping cut your road miles

  • Two for one. We’re using more efficient vehicles such as double-deck trailers to transport more supplies in one go and switching our mode of transport, from road to rail.

  • Fewer and friendlier. Our distribution team’s mantra is ‘fewer and friendlier’ miles – it’s really making a difference! We’ve even won an award as a result.

  • Longer trucks. Fewer journeys. Our new longer trucks mean that we can load more pallets for each trip - and that means we can take fewer journeys altogether, saving money and reducing carbon emissions.

  • Coming to you. Our home shopping service now covers the majority of the UK, providing convenience, and reducing the amount you have to drive.

Our work so far (2005-2011):

  • We’ve already reduced the emissions from our transport fleet by 42%*.

  • We’ve cut 17 million road miles – that’s like going to the moon and back over 35 times.

Our plans (2012-2015):

  • We’re aiming to reduce emissions from our transport fleet by 60%.*

*from a 2005 baseline.
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We have over 400 stores and our depots and offices are dotted all around the UK, so it’s easy to rack up the road miles! We’re looking at how we reduce the miles our transport fleets travel by thinking about the types of journeys we make.

We’ve taken action everywhere, from field to supermarket shelf. It’s taken everything from new technology to the commitment of our colleagues, and everyone from drivers to depot managers. But since 2005 we’ve travelled 17 million fewer miles, cutting the carbon emissions we produce by 42%.

What we're doing to reduce our road miles
21 February 2011