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Plenty more fish in the sea

Asda is committed to the sustainable sourcing of fish and seafood. To assist us in this, we have partnered with a leading fisheries organisation the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership.

All our own brand chilled fish suppliers are now assessing their fish sourcing with an external evaluation organisation, the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP).

We’re supporting SFP programmes at a global and regional level, including being active in supporting a number of existing Fisheries Improvement Projects, e.g. supporting the moves by SFP and AIPCE (the European Fish Processors Association) to apply control documents to the Barents Sea Cod and Haddock fisheries, which dramatically reduced levels of IUU (Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported) and led to parts of the fishery obtaining MSC certification.

We remain committed to a thorough and proactive assessment of the fisheries that provide the products that we sell and active engagement in the improvement of those fisheries.

We also have a commitment to transparency in the way we deliver sustainability at Asda and will make public the state of source fisheries (as described by SFP Metrics) and the actions we propose to improve those fisheries

21 February 2011