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Waste not, want not

At Asda we don’t want to waste anything. Our aim is to send no waste to landfill, right across the business – from clothing to construction – and we’re proud of how well we’re doing. None of our returned George clothing goes to landfill, and we were the first retailer to sign WRAP’s construction waste charter. Recently we were highly commended for sustainable construction in the business.

Throwing rubbish into landfill costs all of us money, as well as polluting the environment. Biodegradable waste in landfill breaks down to produce greenhouse gases, which contribute to global warming.

If everyone at Asda does their bit to reduce waste, and if we can find ways to use things we normally throw away, we can save money and vital natural resources. This means we can pass our savings on to you as well as helping the environment.

We’ve worked hard already to divert as much of our waste from landfill as possible. Our regional Asda Service Centres (ASCs) are the hub of our recycling effort.

We have seven recycling points in the UK: Falkirk, Washington, Skelmersdale, Bedford, Wakefield, Erith and Lutterworth. Last year alone we recycled over 180,000 tonnes of card and plastic across these centres.

Our recycling points sit right next to our distribution centres. Asda delivery trucks take waste from local stores to their nearest recycling point after dropping off their products. This approach cuts back our road miles, saves fuel and money, and reduces pollution.

Although we’re not quite stopping 100% of our operational waste going to landfill, we’re getting there! We want to be sensible about how we do this. At the moment we’re still a little short of regional infrastructure in the UK, but until the services are available we’re doing all we can to avoid driving lots of extra miles, and creating a lot more emissions.

Posted in Sustainability | Store Waste on 21 February 2011