Sustainability | Store Energy

180,000 actions

At Asda, we’re saving energy, carbon and money by being more energy efficient across all our stores, depots and offices. None of this would be possible without the whole of the Asda team.

With over 180,000 colleagues across the business, every action, big or small, adds up to make a big difference.

Setting the standard in Bootle

As well as the hard work of our colleagues, we’ve had help from new technology to make sure we meet our targets. Our low carbon Bootle store uses 40% less energy and emits 50% less greenhouse gases by using renewable energy sources, from geothermal heating to a biomass boiler.

It’s made from timber frames, bricks reclaimed from Liverpool docks, and tons of other sustainable materials. It’s heated by a biomass boiler that runs on locally sourced woodchips, and cooled using a ground source heat pump.

The store makes the most of natural light which saves around 142 tonnes of CO2 and 349,000 kwhrs of electricity every year. That’s about the same amount of energy it takes to power 3,600 households for a week! It uses the sun to produce electricity and the rain to flush the loos.

There’s also a ‘living roof’ made of grass to attract wildlife and keep the heat in, and the store is landscaped with locally sourced plants and trees.

Our Eco Depot

In July 2009, we opened Asda’s first purpose built depot at Didcot, which is 20% more energy efficient than any of our other depots.

It’s made using eco-friendly timber and reclaimed brick from old housing and industrial sites, making sure nothing goes to waste. The depot uses the sun’s energy to power the air conditioning.

21 February 2011