Everyone’s doing their bit to cut energy across Asda

It’s the small actions that really add up. Our colleagues’ positive actions in-store, from turning off lights to switching off machines at night, have been crucial in helping us make significant savings for our customers.

Turning down our energy use

Helping turn down your energy use

  • Green buildings. Every new store and depot we build is more efficient and produces fewer carbon emissions than when we started our sustainability programme back in 2005.

  • A cuppa in Bootle. Our low carbon Bootle store makes the most of natural light, saving us enough energy to make 12,000 cups of tea a year.

  • Refrigerant gas leaks. In 2005 we pledged to reduce our 20% refrigerant leakage rate to 8% by 2015. Currently we average just 7.1%, meaning we have already reached our target three years ahead of plan.

  • Better choice. We’re producing more and more energy efficient products, like our energy efficient light bulbs, making the choice easier for you.

Our work so far (2005-2011):

Existing stores
  • We’ve reduced carbon emissions by 33%* from existing stores, offices and depots.

  • Winner of the prestigious End User of the Year 2011 which reflects the massive progress that Asda has made regarding reducing refrigerant gas leaks. Our leakage rate now stands at an industry leading 7.5%. We will continue to maintain and improve on this reduction where possible.

New stores
  • We’ve achieved 46%* carbon reduction

  • Our eco-friendly store near Liverpool is 40% more energy efficient and emits 50% less carbon dioxide than a standard new build store.

New depot model
  • We’ve achieved a 20%* reduction in carbon emissions from new depots by 2009.

Our plans (2012-2015):

All stores and depots
  • Continue to be more energy efficient and achieve flat energy usage by 2020 (from 2012 levels).

  • We are aiming for 30% of our energy to come from renewable sources by 2015.

**from a 2005 baseline.
Sustainability | Store Energy

Refrigerants, it’s a complicated field. With changes in legislations, recommendations and disagreement within the industry, it’s also a key area of focus for us.

And we’ve taken a different stance from many others in the retail sector. We believe that remaining technically flexible for an ever changing future will allow alternative and emerging technologies to be implemented based on merit and evidence rather than emotion. We are concerned that committing to a single track technical route too soon could become very limiting, potentially missing out on a whole host of new development opportunities.

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Sustainability | Store Energy

At Asda, we’re saving energy, carbon and money by being more energy efficient across all our stores, depots and offices. None of this would be possible without the whole of the Asda team.

With over 180,000 colleagues across the business, every action, big or small, adds up to make a big difference.

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21 February 2011