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Slim Packings

Packaging always gets lots of attention, and that’s because it presents us with a challenge.

We want to bring you the freshest products that last for as long as possible. And packaging helps us do that. But we also want to avoid waste, so we need to reduce our packaging as much as we can. We’re working to find different options, reducing over-packaging as much as possible, while still giving you the best quality products possible.

We’ve got a team of experts helping us find new and innovative solutions, with support from government, lobby groups, academics, major brands and the packaging industry.

We’ve also been running our new packaging ideas past you in store to get your feedback. Our most recent success has been our box-less own brand toothpaste. We removed the outer box and adapted the tube to stand up, resulting in fantastic results which included a 50% waste reduction from the original product, which works out as a saving of 35 tonnes a year, and won the 2010 UK packaging award.

This is an area we’re very committed to working on, and we know our customers care, which is why we’ll always try to answer any questions on this subject. Check out our Aisle Spy blog for our latest stories.

Posted in Sustainability | Packaging on 12 December 2011