We’ve always worked to make Asda a better business

In 2005, we defined all this work under one programme called ‘Sustainability 360’. It’s ‘360’ because it looks at every aspect of our business and how we can make it better. From our stores and operations, to helping our customers, colleagues, and the communities we work in. It’s an approach we follow along with all the other companies in the Walmart Group.

At the heart of our approach sit three big, aspirational goals which guide all our work:

  • To use 100% renewable energy

  • To be zero waste

  • To sell products that sustain people and the environment

Our journey

Our current strategy, Sustainability 2.0, has a really clear aim: to continue to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, but even more importantly, to focus on cutting the environmental impact of the goods and services we sell, and the suppliers that make them.

When we first started measuring our impacts and activities back in 2005, we didn’t know as much as we do now. First we looked at reducing the direct impacts of our operations, like the energy we use to power our stores and transport fleet, as well as the waste created. Since 2005 we’ve made great progress. Visit our stores/operations page to see our progress and achievements in reducing our environmental impact in this area.

Soon after 2005 we began to realise we could make a bigger difference by cutting the impact of the things we sell and the way they’re made. By working with Walmart we’ve learnt from each other, and together we’ve set ourselves the ambitious target of cutting 20 million tons of CO2 out of our business by 2015. We know it’s a huge challenge, but it’s one we believe we can meet.

Moving things forward

One of the biggest challenges currently is consistently measuring the environmental impact of a product both by us but also by our supplier partners and other retailers. To help overcome this issue we are key members of the Product Research Forum and also engage closely with The Sustainability Consortium on their development of a Sustainable Products Index.

Working with others

We can’t make Asda a better business if we don’t speak to the people around us. We regularly talk to the government and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to make sure we’re taking their concerns and views into account and that they understand our priorities, and our customers.

We speak to the big environmental NGOs like Greenpeace, WWF (the World Wildlife Fund) and Friends of the Earth. They’ve helped us get the right policies in place and make changes to our business that benefit our customers, colleagues, suppliers and the environment. A great example is our work on palm oil with WWF. We also work with charities at a local level, to make a real difference in the communities and local environments around our stores, offices and depots.

We couldn’t do any of this without the support of our customers and colleagues. We need their help to make our business better. Our colleagues are the ones who actually cut our waste and save energy and carbon, alongside serving our customers with a happy-to-help attitude!

Working with our colleagues

Working with our customers

  • All together now. Every one of our 180,000 colleagues plays their part in making Asda better. From our store managers and lorry drivers, to our Board of Directors.

  • Getting involved. We involve our colleagues on issues through our social networking site, the ‘Green Room’, and our internal magazine, ‘All about Asda’, as well as internal bulletins.

  • Champion advice. We’ve got Green Champions in every store. They give our customers and colleagues advice and information so they can do their bit and cut their impact, at home or in store, too.

  • Tuned in. We keep our customers up to date on what we’re doing, through our Asda Magazine, Asda FM, website and Aisle Spy environment blog.

  • Helping you to help. We give our customers advice on how they can make savings in their homes too – for their pocket and the environment. We work with experts like WRAP to give our customers the best advice, like tips for getting the best out of your leftovers and avoid wasting food.

  • Keeping an eye out. Our Aisle Spy blog includes hot topics on the environment and other issues and gives customers the chance to ask questions and get direct responses from the experts in our sustainability team.

Our awards

We’re really proud of our achievements and we’ve been recognised for a number of awards across various different areas.