Sustainability | Healthier Products

Giving you a healthier choice

We know you want to be able to choose products that are the healthier option for you and your family.

That’s why we’re always working to find new ways to make our products better for you. Whether that’s cutting out the nasties like artificial flavours and colours, or just making it easier to find the products you’re after.

Here’s a few of the things we’ve been working on:

Cutting back on pesticides

We’re trying to cut out the number of pesticides used in growing our products. We’re working with organisations like LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) to reduce the use of chemical pesticides. We’re also exploring other more natural ways to keep pests under control, like using ladybirds to combat the spread of insects on our cabbage crops. This means we can provide a great range of pesticide-free products, like our Good Natured fruit and veg to enjoy.

All our food ingredients are from non GM sources

Genetically-modified crops have the potential to bring real benefits such as increased yields, improved pest resistance, or greater tolerance to drought. There are conflicting scientific opinions on these benefits so we’re taking a precautionary approach.

This means we will be led by our customers on their acceptance of GM in our products. At this moment in time they are telling us they are unconvinced of the benefits, and so our current policy does not allow for the use of GM ingredients.

Clearer labelling to help you find healthier options

As the first supermarket to launch a dual labelling system, we’re working to find the careful balance of providing the right information to help you choose your products, without overloading you with data!

Designed to be read and understood in less than 2 seconds, you should be able to find the product you’re after in no time.

No nasties, but still tasting great

In 2007, we were the first retailer to remove all artificial colours and flavours, flavour enhancers and hydrogenated vegetable oil from our 12,000-strong range of own brand products. We invested more than a million pounds in reformulating products to be healthier and ensuring that they still tasted great.

We’ve removed artificial colours and in some cases replaced them with natural colours, such as fruit and vegetable extracts. We’ve replaced artificial flavours with natural alternatives. For example, vanilla, which is sourced naturally, has replaced the artificially produced Vanillin, which is often used in chocolate products.

09 December 2011