Sustainability | Food Waste

Love food, hate waste

At Asda, we don’t believe in wasting things, especially great tasting food. We want to focus on putting tasty food on your family’s plate, and not in the bin.

None of our stores send food to landfill as waste. If it’s still good quality it’s given to charities like Fareshare, who provide good quality food to vulnerable communities. Or it’s sent back to our Asda Service Centres (ASCs) we find ways to recycle it all.

Most importantly, we try to avoid creating food waste in the first place. We’re signed up to WRAP’s Courtauld Agreements which include a commitment to helping you cut your food waste too. We do this in a few ways:

  • Slimmer packaging. We’re working on new slimmed-down packaging that protects the quality of our food so that it keeps for longer and less food is damaged.
  • Longer life. We’re also part of a group set up by the Food Standards Agency and WRAP, that looks at date codes on our products to see if we can give them a longer shelf life.

As ever, our main aim is making sure we give you the best quality products. But we’re also helping you cut down on waste and save some pennies in the process.

As part of the Government’s Love Food, Hate Waste campaign, we’re giving you recipe ideas and other suggestions for how to make the most of your food (and even your tasty leftovers). We’re inspiring millions of customers with tasty treats through the Asda Magazine and our Health Matters website.

21 February 2011