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Going the whole carrot

As part of being a better business we want to know exactly where our food comes from, and we know you do too. We’re working closely with our suppliers to see where we can make savings including cutting back on food waste.

At Asda, we sell on average 100,000 bags of carrots a week! The carrots we sell in our bags are mostly the same shape and size, but we know that’s not how they come out of the ground. We visited one of our carrot suppliers to see how they get them that way, while making sure no carrots are left behind.

From the field to our stores, our carrots go through quite a process. Up to 150 tonnes are harvested every day, and sent to the factory to be washed and sorted depending on their size and shape. The handsomest carrots are sold whole. Many of the rest are made into batons, except for the bottom of the carrot and the mishapened ones which we use to make grated products. The only waste is really the top of the carrot, which usually ends up as sheep fodder. Which means we really go the whole carrot to avoid waste.

Watch the full story in our video below:


Posted in Sustainability | Food Waste on 21 February 2011