Using all our leftovers!

Cutting food waste can make a big difference – to the planet and your pocket. On average, every household throws away £480 worth of perfectly good food and drink every year. When food ends up in landfill it rots down, giving off greenhouse gases, which contributes to climate change.

You'll be pleased to hear that non of our stores send food to landfill. We reduce food waste as much as we can - anything that is not fit for consumption from our depots is sent to FareShare and distributed to their network of charities and any other surplus stock from our stores is made into pet food or converted into energy at an anaerobic digestion plant.

Cutting our food waste

Helping cut your waste

  • What’s for afters? We don’t throw any store food waste into landfill. It’s either given to charity, or turned into something useful like energy, biofuel or pet food.

  • Size matters. We’re working with expert partners the Institute of Grocery Distribution and the Food Standards Authority to get portion sizes just right.

  • Eat fresh. Our packaging experts have created new ways to package food so it stays fresher for longer.

  • Food for FareShare. The food we donate helps reduce surplus food stock and makes a huge difference to people who need it.

  • Love food, hate waste. Working with WRAP’s Love Food, Hate Waste campaign, we’ve created lots of ways to help customers and colleagues cut their food waste.

  • Helping you. We’ve signed up to the Courtauld Commitments, an industry wide agreement to help you cut your food and drink waste over the next few years.

Our work so far (2005-2011):

  • No food waste is sent to landfill

  • In 2012 we ran the largest Love Food, Hate Waste campaign of any retailer.

  • The food that Asda sends to FareShare will result in 3.75 million meals by the end of 2013.

Our plans (2012-2015):

  • We're aiming for a 5% cut in household food and drink waste from our sector by 2015, working with our competitors on the Courtauld 3 Commitments.

  • We're moving away from 'Use By' dates to 'Best Before' dates where applicable.


At Asda, we don’t believe in wasting things, especially great tasting food. We want to focus on putting quality food on your family’s plate, and not in the bin.

Love Food Hate Waste activities

We have been working hard to reduce food waste in our stores and supply chain. But, of the total amount of food thrown away in the UK almost 50% comes from our homes! WRAP estimate that in the UK we throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes every year, and more than half of this could have been eaten. Wasting this food and drink costs the average household £470 a year or £700 for a family with children. That’s the equivalent of around £60 a month.

Love Food Hate Waste activities

A whopping 85% of you told us that you would like us to help you reduce food waste in your homes. So, we listened and have been working with WRAP to develop some fun Love Food Hate Waste (LFHW) activities that are running in our stores over August. Check out your local community board in store for more information.

Why not see how many you can get right from our LFHW quiz-

1. Can you freeze baked beans?
2. Should bananas be stored in the fridge?
3. Do we throw away more packaging than food waste?

For more information, tips and advice for reducing food waste in your home visit the Love Food Hate Waste website.

Answers: 1. Yes, defrost thoroughly in the microwave 2. No, they should be stored at room temperature and away from other fruit 3. No
Posted in Sustainability on 14 August 2015
Sustainability | Food Waste

We’re working hard to reduce food waste. Working in partnership with our suppliers and the charity FareShare, we have developed an innovative and sector-leading scheme to reduce food waste within our supply chain, while at the same time increasing food donations to charities across the UK. It’s all based around surplus stock at distribution centres and the choice between returning stock to suppliers or redistributing it to charity.


How does the scheme work?

In partnership with FareShare, our new scheme aims to take surplus stock and use it to feed those that need it most thus ensuring that perfectly good food does not go to waste. With around nine million cases being handled in our supply chain every week, this could amount to approximately 35,000 cases of food being distributed to charities every week.

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Posted in Sustainability | Food Waste on 07 October 2014
Sustainability | Food Waste

At Asda, we don’t believe in wasting things, especially great tasting food. We want to focus on putting tasty food on your family’s plate, and not in the bin.

None of our stores send food to landfill as waste. If it’s still good quality it’s given to charities like Fareshare, who provide good quality food to vulnerable communities. Or it’s sent back to our Asda Service Centres (ASCs) we find ways to recycle it all.

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21 February 2011
Sustainability | Food Waste

As part of being a better business we want to know exactly where our food comes from, and we know you do too. We’re working closely with our suppliers to see where we can make savings including cutting back on food waste.

At Asda, we sell on average 100,000 bags of carrots a week! The carrots we sell in our bags are mostly the same shape and size, but we know that’s not how they come out of the ground. We visited one of our carrot suppliers to see how they get them that way, while making sure no carrots are left behind.

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Posted in Sustainability | Food Waste on 21 February 2011