Fairer on people and the planet

Fairtrade and organic products are probably the most recognisable ‘green’ products in supermarkets these days. We’re sure you’re glad to know when buying them that you’re directly benefitting people and the planet. Fairtrade means the producer gets a fair price for their crop. Organic makes sure products are free from pesticides and chemicals, helping the environment it’s grown in, and has the highest animal welfare standards.

Sustainability | Fairtrade & Organic

We know you care about Fairtrade and organic products, which is why we’re working to get as many on the shelf for you as possible, but still at the same everyday low prices.

The Fairtrade Foundation is an accredited organization that certifies products to make sure they’re up to standard. If you buy a product with the Fairtrade logo you can guarantee it’s produced by workers in safe and decent conditions, and that they are being paid a fair wage.

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21 February 2011