We’re cutting carbon across the business

A big part of our strategy to be a better business involves cutting carbon. Cutting carbon is particularly important for us, because it helps us keep the costs of our products lower. We split the carbon we cut into two categories:

– Direct, when we use energy and fuel in our operations (stores, depots)
– Indirect, when the products we sell are being made.

We’re always working towards cutting our direct emissions, by making our operations as energy efficient as possible. For our indirect impact, we’re working with Walmart to reach a global target of cutting 20 million metric tonnes of carbon from our supply chain by 2015. We’ll do this by working closely with our suppliers to help them make their processes more efficient.

The end result is that our customers get more environmentally friendly products that are affordable.

Making our footprint smaller

Helping make your footprint smaller

  • Tonnes better. We now produce 57 tonnes of CO2 for every £1 million sales compared to 83 tonnes in 2007.

  • Take a look. We’re reducing our carbon footprint across all parts of the business. We’ve been measuring it since 2007 and publish our annual results. Check out our carbon footprint figures here.

  • Made better. We’re working to cut carbon during the creation of our products, providing you with a product that’s better for the environment.

  • How big are your feet? Check out the Carbon Trust’s carbon calculator to measure and work out your own carbon footprint.

Our work so far (2005-2011):

Across the business
  • Despite opening new stores, we achieved an 15.8%* reduction in our carbon footprint between 2007 and 2012.

*from a 2005 baseline

Our plans (2012-2015):

Across the business
  • We’re aiming to remove 20 million metric tons of CO2 out of our global supply chain by 2015.

Sustainability | Energy

We’re working hard to reduce energy across our operations. From 2007-2013 our energy efficiency programme resulted in savings of £41.9 million. By 2020 we are aiming for flat energy usage, based on 2012 figures, irrespective of future growth.

Save energy

Investing in efficiency

Every year, we invest £10-15 million to improve energy use and reduce carbon emissions from our stores, depots and offices. Since 2005, we have reduced energy use by 33% in existing stores and 45% in new stores. The energy saved is the equivalent to that used by over 60,000 homes every year.

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Sustainability | Carbon Footprint

Since 2005, we’ve been reducing carbon emissions across as many parts of the business as possible.

In 2007 we started measuring emissions produced from our operations, which includes our stores, offices, and travel. It means we can assess our carbon footprint, figure out where our biggest impacts are, and measure our progress on reducing them.

To read our footprint reports, follow the links below:

Asda’s 2012 carbon footprint

Asda’s 2011 carbon footprint

Asda’s 2010 carbon footprint

Asda’s 2009 carbon footprint

Asda’s 2008 carbon footprint

Asda’s 2007 carbon footprint

Regional Footprints

In 2010, for the first time, we produced a separate carbon footprint for our Scottish operations, so this year we are able to show the reductions achieved over the past year. Overall Scotland saw a reduction in emissions of 29,314 *tCO*2e in 2011 compared with 2010, a reduction of 17.4%.

For the 2011 footprint this approach has been extended to provide separate footprints for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England. A short overview of the results can be found here.

09 December 2011