Sustainability | Animal Welfare

Working together with farmers

At Asda we see the farmers we work with as partners, not just suppliers. We strive to develop close working relationships with all of them, to make sure they get the best deal, their animals get fair treatment, and we bring you the best quality products available.

The way we treat our chickens is a great example. Our Free Range chickens are housed in a series of small arcs with access to the fields via large ‘pop holes’. Plastic sheeting allowing natural light through can also be added. Inside the arcs there are perches and ample breeding materials. Additionally our Free Range eggs are laid by hens that are free to roam on British farms in the fresh air from dawn to dusk.

We’re also leading the way with our suppliers to find smart ways of improving cattle welfare. This includes our DairyLink Herd Health Matters project, where we work with our dairy farmers, providing advice on the health of their herd and giving them meters to help them monitor the herd themselves.

We’re pleased to say that we’ve already been recognised by the RSPCA Good Business Awards for this work, and we actively support the National Union of Farmers Red Tractor scheme to promote animal welfare.

21 February 2011