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Zut Alors- The Brits adore Le Vin Francaise

THEIR football team may be out of Euro 2008 but France still has one good reason to celebrate – British love for its wine appears to be returning. 

ASDA has been selling French wine by the vin-load, notching up massive 46.3% increase in sales at a time when the overall market has shown a 0.9% fall. 

The increase has given ASDA an 8.6% share of the French wine market in the UK, a rise from 5.8% at this time last year. 

Wine buyer Michelle King said: “The French wine market in the UK has been in decline for a number of years as competition grows from the New World. 

“Exciting ranges from countries such as the USA, Australia and Chile have tempted shoppers with their simplicity and appeal, while exchange rates have also had an impact on pricing. 

“In addition, people can find French wines confusing and this has contributed to the Old World becoming less favoured. ASDA has therefore been working to increase knowledge of and interest in French ranges among shoppers.” 

Since April, ASDA has been raising a glass to the Gauls by giving over additional shelf space to French wine and introducing iconic price offers on a number of premium products, such as Chablis, Sancerre and Pouilly Fume. 

“The result has sparked a real interest for French wine and driven a huge growth in sales. What we are also seeing is that, after taste testing a premium wine which has been on offer, customers are returning to buy it even when it is at full price,” added Michelle. 

The history of French wine goes back centuries, with many of France’s wine-growing regions able to trace their history to Roman times. As one of the world’s most influential wine growing countries, France produces many household name varieties from over two million acres of vineyards.

However, competition from quality wines produced by the New World has impacted the market.  

Michelle King said: “It’s great that ASDA is bucking the national trend and encouraging people back to French wines. 

“We’ve also seen a recent surge in interest in Italian and Eastern European wines, which – along with the French rises - have helped ASDA push overall sales up by 11.7% across our entire wine category.

Again this bucks the national trend, where the wine market has grown by only 4.6%.” 

Latest data also shows the credit crunch is doing little to stop sales of champagne - with ASDA again going in the opposite direction to the market.

ASDA’s champagne sales are up 10.2% against a market decline of 0.7%. 

The most expensive French wine on ASDA’s shelves is Cuvee Julienne Chateauneuf at £11.98, while shoppers looking for value can choose the cheapest - French House Red/White at £2.59. ASDA’s top ten wines (year to date) by sales value are:  


1. JP Chenet Cabernet Syrah 4.12

2. ASDA Extra Special Cotes du Rhone £4.62

3. Cuvee Julienne Chateauneuf £11.98

4. ASDA Extra Special Claret £4.48

5.French Connection Cuvee Red £3.96

6.ASDA Cotes du Rhone £3.10

7.JP Chenet Premier Sauvignon £4.98

8. ASDA Extra Special Medoc £5.98

9.ASDA Claret £2.98

10. ASDA French Merlot £3.13 


1. JP Chenet Colombard Chardonnay £4.11

2.ASDA Chablis £6.47

3.ASDA Muscadet £3.08

4.Sancerre Lescarpe £7.98

5.Piat Medium White £3.97

6.JP Chenet Premier Chardonnay £4.98

7. Chablis Le Donjon £7.98

8. Kiwi Cuvee Sauvignon £4.98

9. French Connection Cuvee White £3.98

10.   French House White £2.59 

Posted in Press Centre on 25 June 2008