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Woof and go

The trend to pamper your pets has reached new levels at Asda this week as volumes of luxury pet food, speciality shampoos and even dog mattresses catapult off the shelves.

Whether it’s the New Years resolutions of the owners to shower their pets with more TLC or purely just a sign of the times, the market for pooch-pampering products at Asda has never been more popular. A quick drenching in the bath and a rub down with your worst towel will definitely not do for the 21st century dog, it’s now lather and luxury all the way. This week Asda customers can pamper their pets for less by getting their gourmet pet food and pampering treats a-plenty in the supermarket’s ‘Pet Week’ event.

Sales of Asda’s Bob Martin Shampoo Stay Fresh have increased by 72% month on month and many of the canine dental treats are up by 54% – goodbye smelly breath and dirty dogs, hello sparkling smiles and fluffy, fresh fur.

It’s not just the grooming side of things that has seen this huge uplift, sales of gourmet foods for both cats and dogs alike are also on the rise. Gourmet Perle Pouch meals are fit for a king, nevermind a canine, and together their variety of flavours have seen an overall increase of 65%.

Phil Wilkinson, Asda’s pet team commented: “The market for luxury pet products continues to evolve as pampering and preening them has become a normal part of everyday life. We have a ‘cat’-alogue of products available for the more discerning pet-owner, and whilst we’re not ‘dog’-matic about spoiling your pets, we’ve noticed the trend and have reacted accordingly. After all, a pampered pet is a happy pet!”

Posted in Press Centre on 11 January 2011