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With customer numbers up Asda had a real cracker of a Christmas

ASDA announced today (4 January 2007) that it had a successful Christmas, exceeding expectations, with a record trading day on 22 December.

“With customer numbers up, the re-invigoration of our food business with better quality produce, more premium and organic ranges and the widest choice of local products, this proved to be the perfect Christmas present for everyone that shopped with us over the festive period,” said Andy Bond, president and CEO of ASDA.

“I’d also like to thank every single colleague for their hard work over Christmas and last year as well as everyone who has shopped with us”, added Andy.

Store Performance

  • Sales for December were ahead of expectations, with a record trading day on 22 December.
  • In the seven days before Christmas, ASDA served 20 million customers, over one million more than the previous year.
  • The number of stores taking more than £3m in the week was up 50% year on year
  • In the busiest store, Boldon in the North East, 15 customers went through the checkouts per minute.
  • For the first time, five stores, Boldon, Minworth, Havant, Derby and Longwell Green broke through the £4m sales barrier.


  • Sold enough boxed and loose cards this Christmas to go from London to Lapland, and back, five times (over 13,000 miles!)
  • Just over 90,000 Christmas Puddings were sold in the week before Christmas, that’s 540 Christmas puddings every hour, the equivalent of nine puddings every minute!
  • Crackers proved to be a real cracker with 10 million being sold.
  • Nearly 550 tonnes of aluminium foil bought from ASDA was used to wrap Christmas turkeys, enough to stretch to the North Pole and back approximately seven times.
  • Over 8.6 million mince pies were sold in Christmas week alone, that’s enough to stretch 165 miles high, nearly 30 times the height of Mount Everest!
  • Santa suits also went down a treat – with 10,000 being sold.? Customers bought 131 million sprouts, or 11 for every single ASDA customer in Britain and all were British.
  • We sold one turkey per second with free range sales up 26%.
  • For the first time ASDA introduced Blue Slate Turkeys, a rare breed from the 1800s which totally sold out.
  • Every single turkey sold was British.
  • Customers bought 600,000 turkey roasting tins.
  • ASDA on-line had its busiest Christmas ever with sales up 50% year on year.

January Highlights

Customers will see:

  • Over 2,000 prices cut across every day items.
  • The launch of Respectful, free range, carbon neutral eggs
  • George furniture on-line for the very first time.
  • A re-launched healthy eating range called Good For You! which is free from hydrogenated fats and other nasties.
  • New Smartprice branding, across 1,000 products including George for the first time.
Posted in Press Centre on 04 January 2007