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Will it be Tears on my "pilau" or will the winner be "Dansak"ing their way to Victory?

Red Ken Poised for Victory According to ASDA Shoppers

It’s not just Ken, Boris and Brian who’ll be eagerly awaiting the results of the London Mayoral elections on Monday, colleagues at ASDA’s Roehampton store in South West London will be waiting on baited breath too.

For the past month customers and colleagues have been carefully watching the top 3 mayoral candidates go head to head….on the curry counter, with customers encouraged to base their choice on their favoured candidate. The latest poll shows Ken, steaming away in front with 41%, hot on his heels is Boris with 35% and slowly simmering in the background is Brian with 24%

The Mayoral curries are:The Ken "Korma’ Livingstone – A tried and tested dish that remains popular despite being a real opinion divider. Simple ingredients fused together to create a textured, mild tasting classic.The Boris “Jalfrezi” Johnson – Despite its unusual appearance, this is a rich and nutty dish that has a real kick to it – even if it’s sometimes misplaced. It has been known to leave a bit of an after-taste, and is perhaps not the dish of choice in Liverpool, Portsmouth or Papau New Guinea.The Brian “Bhuna” Paddick – A liberal serving of this saucy dish is just as likely to appeal to the boys in blue as it is to those in yellow. An arresting treat, it’s packed full of tender meat, with fruity flavours and herbs helping to give it a kick – all be it a cheeky one!

Jennifer England, ASDA’s Spokesperson said “It’s great to see our London Mayoral candidate curries flying off the shelves. Can Boris Johnson blow the opposition away with his promises? Will Ken, kick his opponents to the floor or will Brian out spice the rest of the competition? Only time and our customer’s votes will decide.”

Posted in Press Centre on 30 April 2008