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Who ate all the pies? Bristol did!

With Christmas Day fast approaching, mince pie madness has  hit  ASDA stores across the country.  

Available for just over a month, early sales figures show that a record number of ASDA’s mince pies have flown off the shelves across the country.

Keeping up the West Country tradition for hearty, traditional food, Bristolians have munched their way to the top of the mince pie chart by eating  94,770 pies over the last month.  

CityNo. of Mince Pies
1.    Bristol94,770
2.    Eastbourne92,008
3.    Hampshire 91,355
4.    Sheffield85,733
5.    Derby 82,927


People in Eastbourne, Hampshire and Sheffield are also getting into the festive spirit, coming in just behind Bristol in the mince pie charts with Derby following closely behind.

 Luckily for these mince pie chart toppers, tradition has it that eating one mince pie a day on each of the twelve days of Christmas will bring good luck for the following year.

Not that it is just the English that are going mince pie mad, north of the boarder the town of Milton of Craigie near Dundee is the mince pie capital of Scotland with residents biting their way through over 30,000 pies. 

Graham Speak, ASDA’s Mince Pie Expert, says “The cold weather has really increased customers’ cravings for comfort foods, boosting sales of festive treats. 

I couldn’t believe my mince pies when I saw that year–on– year sales to date were up 300%!”   

If you are one of the few that have yet to  tuck in remember that traditionally a wish should be made as you eat your first mince pie of the season.  

Boasting a delicious all–butter pastry and packed full with brandy soaked vine fruits and glace cherries, ASDA’s Extra Special Mince Pies provide an early indication of customer demand for the ultimate luxury this Christmas.

Fit for a king ASDA’s Extra Special Mince Pies would have proved popular with King Henry V, who was such a fan he even had a mince pie baked for his coronation in 1413. 

Sales across all mince pies are up with ASDA’s Organic Mince Pies having also seen a substantial sales increase of more than 100% compared to last year. 


Posted in Press Centre on 05 December 2007