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"WH Smith stationery prices just don't add up", says Asda

Customers at WH Smith continue to pay inflated prices for stationery despite WH Smith going on “sale” according to Asda’s analysis.

Two weeks ago, Asda set out to teach WH Smith a maths lesson on stationery prices. On a basket of products WH Smith was then twice as expensive as Asda.

Today, with last-minute back-to-school shopping in full swing, WH Smith, despite introducing a sale across many stationery items, is still over twice the price of Asda on a basket of 10 essential stationery products.

David Walker, stationery expert at Asda, said: "We are amazed at the difference in price between our back-to-school essentials and those offered by others, even when theirs are on so-called “sale.” With household budgets under intense pressure it is essential that shoppers are able to buy affordable supplies for the children before they head back to school."

Product Asda WH Smith
Calculator £5.00 £7.99
Pencils (24 pack with eraser) £1.00 £3.76
Highlighters (4 pack) £1.00 £1.49
Ring binder A4 £0.60 £1.09
Refill pad A4 (150 lined sheets) £1.50 £1.79
Punch pockets (100 pack A4) £1.50 £5.08
Hole puncher £1.00 £1.49
A4 lever arch file £1.00 £2.29
Button wallets (5 pack) £1.00 £2.99
Dividers (10 pack) £0.45 £2.49
Total £14.05 £30.46

Where direct comparisons were not available, Asda used pro-rata figures based on multipacks.

Posted in Press Centre on 02 September 2011