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Weather fails to dampen Britain's love of ice cream

We may well have another weekend of showers ahead of us – but that’s not dampening the spirits of Britain’s ice cream lovers.

Shoppers are increasingly turning to the frozen treat whatever the weather, with sales up by 80%. Around 350 million litres of ice cream are expected to be eaten across the nation during 2008.

And the credit crunch is doing little to curb our love of ice cream, with sales of luxury varieties showing particularly strong growth.

Julia Bunting, of ASDA’s ice cream team, said: “Traditionally there has been a link between the weather and ice cream sales, with more ice cream eaten during the hotter months.

“However, we are seeing a change in trends and customers are increasingly looking to dessert and “occasion” ice cream at all times of year. In particular, luxury lines such as ASDA’s Extra Special, Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s are doing exceptionally well.”

To meet these changing trends ASDA is going retro and harking back to that 70s favourite – the fondue. However, instead of the cheese version of years gone by, this time it’s an ice cream fondue.

Julia said: “ASDA has this week become the first UK supermarket to stock ice cream fondue, which has swirls of cream-rich Madagascan vanilla dairy ice cream which can be dipped into a Belgian chocolate sauce or strawberry dipping sauce made from 50% strawberries.

“There currently isn’t anything like this across the UK ice cream market and we hope it will really spark interest among shoppers. The fondue already performs incredibly well in Europe and is ideal for parties, BBQs or just as a treat for two.

Also among changing trends is a move away from traditional vanilla. It’s only the fourth most favourite flavour among ASDA’s Really Creamy range. Triple Chocolate, Toffee and Raspberry Pavlova top the list.

Shoppers who are watching its waistlines can also turn to ice cream for a feel-good treat, with ASDA’s Good For You range including both lower calorie ice cream and frozen yoghurt. You can also find probiotic ice lollies and organic ranges in the supermarket’s freezers.

All of ASDA’s own brand ice creams and ice lollies contain no artificial flavours or colourings.

Posted in Press Centre on 19 June 2008