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We're BBQ-ing in the rain

Asda sees sales of BBQ food soar despite the typical British weather

As the bank holiday arrives, weathermen are predictably saying that rain is on the way but Asda is still seeing sales of BBQ equipment rise as plucky Brits refuse to be beaten by the elements. In fact shoppers are buying more exotic foods in an attempt to recreate the food from warmer countries despite what the British ‘summer’ does. It isn’t just BBQ food that has been rising, the store has also seen an increase in items such as umbrellas and gazebos as shoppers refuse to have their long weekend spoilt and take cover.

One in five shoppers have admitted that they wouldn’t let the weather get in the way of having a BBQ as it’s part of what makes us British – our ability to not let the weather get in the way of anything such as BBQ-ing and festivals. The bank holiday looks like it will be a family affair as 52 per cent of shoppers will be having their family round for a BBQ at the weekend.

The store has seen sales of traditional BBQ food such as sausages, burger, burger buns, chicken wings, jacket potatoes and coleslaw increase over the last week. It isn’t just food that shoppers are stocking up on ahead of the weekend, the supermarket has witnessed sales of parasols increase by 14 per cent as well as gazebos by 10 per cent as people prepare to take refuge from the rain and leave Dad taking care of the cooking.

Alongside the above sales the store has sold 250,000 Moroccan lamb burgers this year as well as Moroccan cous cous increase by 53 per cent, Moroccan houmous by 32 per cent and halloumi cheese by 74 per cent. 1 in 3 shoppers is looking to try new flavours from around the world and a BBQ is the perfect place to start experimenting with new flavours and marinades.

Many male shoppers use the BBQ to show off their culinary skills and 60 per cent have said that they prefer to take control of the BBQ and let the rest of the family put their feet up. It appears many of them are perfectionist as Asda has seen sales of their thermometer fork rise by 87 per cent so every cut of meat is cooking to perfection.

Finally for those shoppers who find struggling to cook under an umbrella hard to swallow the store has seen a 47 per cent in the sales of their new BBQ shelters. Shoppers are also showing that we are currently in welly season rather than bikini season as sales of wellies have increase by 100 per cent in the last two weeks since the weather turned.

A spokesperson from Asda commented: “As the weather starts to cool down and summer comes to a close it seems our shoppers are starting to look further afield for their food as tastes become more exotic. Moroccan is really big at the moment as there are some amazing flavours as well as being healthy.”

They continued: “Brits will BBQ through anything; I’d be worried about soggy food as I’m not sure I’d like my hot dog with a side order of rain water but each to their own!”

The store has also seen an increase of 10 per cent for BBQ fuels in the last week and up 100 per cent since last year. They have also pushed a million pounds worth of charcoal in to stores to meet demand over the weekend. BBQ’s themselves are up 33 per cent.

Posted in Press Centre on 27 August 2010