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Asda urges shoppers to get blood pressure checked after big wins

As the excitement of the World Cup gets too much for shoppers, Asda is urging its male customers to get their blood pressure tested after big matches. After months of tension and build up, football fans across the country were greeted by victory against the Slovenia to get England through to the next round by a whisker.

Shoppers can turn up at any Asda store with a pharmacy and have their blood pressure checked for free to make sure they are in a good bill of health ahead of the knockout stages when things get really tense.

Maria Barnett, Customer Planner, Pharmacy at Asda commented: “Getting men to check out their health is notoriously difficult and even more so when the football is on, but stress and excitement can raise blood pressure so it’s best to have a test for peace of mind. Shoppers can even pop in during the morning so they don’t miss any action!”

Posted in Press Centre on 25 June 2010