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Turkeys good enough for Royalty and half the price

Asda offering the same delicious British Bourbon Red turkeys as Fortnum and Mason for half the price

Move over you Broad Breasted White, the Red (feathered) is back. After decades of being off the menu, Bourbon Red turkeys are making a come-back and supermarket giant Asda is offering these quality birds without the designer price tag.

The delicious fresh British turkeys will be in select Asda stores from Monday 20th December, for the iconic price of approximately £40 – half the price of the Bourbon Reds on sale in Fortnum and Mason.

The Bourbon Red, named for its unique reddish plumage and after Bourbon Country, originated in Kentucky in the late 19th century. This breed was hugely popular in the 1930s and 1940s, but was eventually unable to compete with the plumper, broad breasted varieties.

However, Asda is helping to bring this bird back to Christmas tables across the UK. Andrew Wilson, Asda’s fresh turkey buyer commented:

“The Bourbon Red is a superior bird with a delicious flavour that shoppers will love. Fortnum and Mason may try to pull the feathers over their customer’s eyes with their outrageous pricing, but our shoppers know they can buy top quality, premium Bourbon Red birds this Christmas for a fraction of the price.”

All Asda’s turkeys are 100% born and raised British and the supermarket giant has a range of fresh and frozen birds to meet all shopper’s needs this Christmas, at the best possible prices. The range includes free-range British Bronze turkeys from £20, whole British turkeys starting at £12, basted frozen turkeys starting at £10 and whole British frozen turkey from £5 – the cheapest turkey in the market.

The supermarket is also offering various fresh and frozen British turkey crowns and, to date, sales of frozen basted crowns are up almost 40% on last year.

Asda’s Bourbon Reds will be available in select stores across the UK from Monday (20th December). All other fresh British turkeys will be available in all stores nationwide from 19th and 20th December. For more information please visit

Posted in Press Centre on 20 December 2010