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Trampoline bounces iPod Touch off the top spot

  • The humble trampoline bounces the iPod Touch off the top of Asda Direct’s bestsellers list
  • Asda selling 10f JumpKING Combo trampoline at iconic price of just £99
  • 59% choose to spend money on gifts that gets their kids away from the TV and computers
  • 1 in 3 parents admit to choosing their child’s gift based on what they want to play with

Move over IPod touch, there’s a new craze in town. Having spent over 13 weeks at the top of Asda Direct’s bestselling chart, the iPod Touch 8GB has been bounced off the number one spot by a seriously springy and seemingly timeless toy – the trampoline.

The 10ft JumpKING Combo trampoline, complete with a safety enclosure, outsold the latest must-have Apple gadget last week, making it the most sought after item on the supermarket’s online store.

The first modern-day trampoline may have been built 75 years* ago, but clearly the nation’s love for this bounce-tastic toy hasn’t grown old. A survey by the supermarket giant reveals 52% of shoppers voted for the trampoline as the best large outdoor children’s toy, followed by swings (25%) and climbing frames (17%).

64% of parents reveal they would rather spend a little extra on a timeless toy that is going to last for their little angels, and 59% choose to spend money on gifts that get their kids away from the TV and computers. 36% of adults buy a trampoline for themselves, as a fun way to get in shape and as a much cheaper alternative to a gym membership. 1 in 3 parents admitted, while they may buy a trampoline for their children, they were swayed to purchase one over another garden toy for selfish reason – grown-ups just want to bounce!

The 10ft JumpKING Combo trampoline is available from Asda Direct for the iconic price of just £99 – a whopping £70 cheaper than the next retailer. 83% of shoppers who have reviewed this JumpKING gave it a perfect 5 out of 5 stars, with the overall average score coming in at 4.5 stars.

Edward Betts, Category Manager at Asda Direct, commented: “The iPod Touch 8GB has been our number one bestseller for over a massive 13 weeks now and we couldn’t have guessed it would be a trampoline – such a classic, timeless garden toy – which would leap to the top spot. Our shoppers look for products that can be enjoyed by all and give them quality family time, so this fantastic value, quality JumpKING trampoline is the perfect option and at a unique, iconic Asda price. Happy bouncing!”

Asda Direct’s bestsellers chart last week:

  • 10ft JumpKING Combo Trampoline
  • New Apple Ipod Touch 8Gb
  • Asda Galaxy Bar Stool – Black
  • Smart Price Chest Of Drawers
  • Luxor 32" 720p HD Ready LCD TV

*The first modern trampoline was built by George Nissen and Larry Griswold in 1936

Posted in Press Centre on 07 April 2011