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Traditional British roast dinner knocks curry from top of the menu to become the nation's favourite dish

Curry has long been a favourite in homes across the UK, more popular than traditional British feasts including fish and chips and pies. But the tables have turned; today a survey by Asda reveals a roast dinner is now the nation’s most loved meal.

Research by Asda’s Pulse of the Nation found more than 1 in 3 people in the UK (37%) prefer roast dinner, with classic steak and chips taking second place over the likes of fish and chips, lasagne, spag bol and the adopted national dish, curry.

The nation’s top five meals include:
Roast dinner (as voted for by 37% of shoppers)
Steak and chips (13%)
Curry (11%)
Fish and chips (9%)
Lasagne (6%)

This research coincides with Asda’s sales of meat joints overall, up a whopping 18% on this time last year:

  • Pork joints are up a crackling 37%; Scots in particular have a new found taste for this meat, with sales up 245% in Scotland
  • Lamb joints are up 19%, with Kent showing the largest shift towards this succulent meat, up 33%
  • Chicken is up 10%; the biggest appetite for this roast is in Northern Ireland with sales up 57%
  • Beef is also up 8% overall, with North Yorkshire and Humberside favouring this joint, up 33% on last year

Steak and chips has also risen in the ranks as a much loved treat; sales of Asda’s steaks are up a sizzling 275% on this time last year. 1 in 3 shoppers see steak as the perfect meal for a special occasion such as a birthday or to impress a date. A further third of people admit to cooking steak simply as a treat to themselves.

To celebrate the return of the roast being the nation’s number one dish Asda has added a range of joints and steaks to its successful Butcher’s Selection range. The quality range includes expertly trimmed beef joints which are easy to carve, hand scored pork joints for great crackling and juicy lamb joints.

Jim Viggars, senior meat buyer at Asda comments: "Our taste for spicy flavours has definitely grown in recent years, but it seems the much-loved curry isn’t as “hot” anymore! Traditional meals have found their way back into the hearts – and stomachs – of the nation. With joints flying off our shelves, the typically British home-cooked roast once again tops our customers’ shopping list."

Posted in Press Centre on 23 September 2011