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The Internet is the new intercom, study finds

  • Asda Pulse of the Nation poll finds that one in five parents routinely use technology to communicate with their kids within the home
  • Mobile phone calls, Facebook and texting are the most common methods
  • “Dinner’s ready” is the most frequent electronic message exchanged between parents and kids at home

A national poll for Asda indicates that parents and kids are increasingly communicating at home via mobile phones, laptops, PCs and tablets.

One in five parents polled said that they routinely use gadgets to communicate with their kids at home. Many of the messages exchanged are requests. The most common message is “dinner’s ready”, the poll found, with 13% of parents passing this message on electronically. Other common messages include “clean your room” and “do your homework”.

Asda’s technology expert Nathan Mills said: “The fact is that technology puts us in touch with more people more often than ever before“ and this is as true at home as it is when we’re out and about. Communicating with teens, for example, has never been the easiest thing for parents, and now low-cost gadgets are giving us a hotline to their rooms.”

The study found that texting is the most common in-house form of electronic communication with kids, used by 55% of parents, followed by Facebook (20%) and mobile phone calls (16%).

Television programmes on Saturday nights such as the X-Factor have also seen a huge increase in so-called “two-screen viewing” as families congregate in front of the TV and tweet or use Facebook at the same time.

Nathan Mills added: “The good thing about social networking is that encourages dialogue between viewers, whether they’re inches away or hundreds of miles away. It isn’t instead of conversation. It’s in addition to conversation.”

Asda is offering a range of affordable devices this Christmas that are sure to be in demand with kids and teens“ and will without doubt bring families closer together.

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This great value Smart Phone comes with 6 months of free Internet access and £20 worth of free apps. Built in Wi-Fi means you can check Facebook, tweet and send email wherever you are.

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At the market leading price of £99, this feature packed Smart Phone comes with £10 of free air time on the Orange network. Blackberry messenger enables unlimited free text messaging between Blackberry users.

iPod Touch (8GB) – £150.00
Not just a music centre, the super sleek iPod Touch is crammed full of applications including Facetime for free face-to-face video calls with friends and family. Complete with Wi-Fi connectivity and free text messaging with iMessage.

Dell Inspiron M5040 Laptop – £279
The Dell Inspiron comes with a 320GB hard drive, built-in webcam and microphone and provides over 6hrs of battery life when fully charged.

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Posted in Press Centre on 09 December 2011