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The best thing since sliced bread? Even fresher, sliced bread!

  • Asda makes baking history to be first supermarket to bake its sliced bread in-store

  • Asda now has the freshest sliced bread in the land – from oven to shelf in five hours shaving up to 19 hours off all other sliced bread, including brands

  • Around 17 million loaves will be freshly baked in-store every year

Sliced white and brown bread is the staple of millions of shopping trolleys every day, but Brits are not aware that the pre-packed sliced loaves they buy from other supermarkets can be up to 24 hours old when they land on the shelf!

The days of stale bread are now over as supermarket chain Asda announces it has become the first UK retailer to bake, slice and package its Chosen by you bread in its in-store bakeries. Asda has always led the way in bakery innovation, inventing Tiger bread in 2001 and introducing the bread bell, which rings when fresh loaves come out of the oven.

In order to provide Brits with the freshest bread on the market, trained bakers in over 300 Asda stores will be baking 46,200 loaves daily. The launch is a key milestone in Asda’s on-going commitment to fresh, quality food:

  • No other UK supermarket currently bakes, slices and packages own label bread in-store: all other sliced bread available in supermarkets is at least 24 hours old before the customer can buy it

  • It takes five hours for an Asda in-store bakery team to mix, knead, bake, slice and package a round of 54 loaves ready for the customer to buy

  • The new, freshly baked, Chosen by you bread will therefore be up to 19 hours fresher than any other sliced bread currently available in supermarkets

  • The launch was trialled in 25 stores where sales of Chosen by you sliced bread increased by 30% vs. 12 weeks pre trial

Although artisan style loaves and continental bread varieties have grown in popularity in recent years, Britain’s love affair with sliced bread continues: a whopping 2.9 million loaves of sliced white bread a week, followed by 1.7 million loaves of sliced brown bread. A survey by Asda shows that despite the wide variety of lunch options available to Brits, more than eight out of ten (82%) still turn to sliced bread to make sandwiches for their packed lunches every morning, with 59% saying that the main reason for buying sliced bread is that it is the most cost effective option. A further 36% said they buy sliced bread sliced as it is one of their top comfort foods, with cheese on toast one of their favourite things to make as we enter into the colder winter months.

John Cummings, Asda’s Bakery Director (and the man who invented Tiger bread) commented, “Other supermarkets’ fresh bread credentials are a bit half baked but we are passionate about baking the freshest bread possible for our shoppers, all day every day. We can categorically say that Asda’s freshly baked Chosen by you range is the best thing to happen to supermarket bakeries since sliced bread! One of our customers’ favourite aspects of our in-store bakeries is the bell we ring when a fresh round has just been made – they’re going to have to get used to hearing that sound a lot more often! ”

Posted in Press Centre on 08 November 2011