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Supermarket uses unconventional route to get it's message out

ASDA has taken the unprecedented step of producing a 30 minute documentary on itself, which will be screened to millions of homes on Sky TV for the next three weeks.

The programme called ‘People, Prices, Planet’ gives a unique behind the scenes look at the company’s operations, focusing on its streamlined distribution network, its efforts to reduce waste and cut packaging, and source products in a more sustainable way*.

The ‘documentary’ called ‘People, Prices, Planet’, will be broadcast every evening for three weeks from Tuesday May 6th to anyone with access to Sky Digital TV or the internet.

Paul Kelly, corporate affairs director at ASDA said: “I’m sure some will accuse us of propaganda or greenwash, but we believe it’s important to tell people what we’re doing to reduce waste, cut packaging and source our products in a more sustainable way.

“Over the last couple of years the media has become a little weary of all the green supermarket stories that are relentlessly sent out, so we’ve had to find an unconventional route to get our message out.

“I believe our ‘documentary’ it gives an honest insight into how we’re making our business more sustainable, while ensuring we keep our costs down and prices low for our customers.

“People who watch it will hopefully learn a little more about how we do business, and if they do, the programme will have done its job."

People, Prices, Planet is split into six vignettes or stories that highlight varying aspects of ASDA’s operations. These include sourcing sustainable orange juice, ASDA’s streamlined distribution and local food hubs, what it’s doing to reduce packaging and cut waste, its low carbon egg production, and its organically produced children’s food.

Posted in Press Centre on 08 May 2008