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Supermarket saves pounds off the price of razors

’The Best a Man Can Get’ at Asda for just £5

Asda has today shaved pounds off the price of Gillette Fusion and Mach3 razor heads to an all time low of just £5, so men no longer need to shell out a small fortune for a clean shave.

With razors coming top of customers’ list of ‘rip off’ products, the move shows the supermarket’s commitment to listen to the needs of customers instead of bowing to the unnecessarily high prices that can be demanded by leading brands.

Razors are one of the most expensive everyday essentials shoppers put in their baskets yet are reported to cost as little as five pence to make, demonstrating just how much profit manufacturers make on every sale.

It’s no surprise that razor blades have become one of the most commonly stolen items from British supermarkets.

Graham Speak, Asda’s men’s toiletries buyer commented: “Instead of lining the pockets of Federer, Henry and Woods, we think companies like Gillette should ditch their razor sharp pricing and put customers first, charging a fair price for an everyday product that doesn’t cost a lot to make.

“We already sell great quality own label razors for a fraction of the price of the leading brands, but have decided to go one step further and slash the price of Britain’s most popular branded razor heads to shave pounds off our customers shopping.”

Speak concludes: “Prices as they are, it’s no wonder there is a growing trend for a bit of stubble, men are being forced not to shave because of the cost rather than choosing to make a fashion statement!”

The price move means shoppers can now buy a cartridge of Gillette Fusion (4-pack), Mach 3 (5-pack) and Mach 3 Turbo (5-pack) razor heads for just a fiver at all Asda stores, more than £3 less than they are currently on sale at Boots, Tesco and Sainsbury’s – a massive saving of up to 40 per cent.

The supermarket’s own label five-blade razor is priced at £3.50, with a 4-pack of razor heads also available for £3.50. Asda’s tri-blade razor is just £2.50, with a cartridge of four replacement heads currently rolled back to £1.70.

Back in 1999, Asda and Gillette were locked in a legal battle after the supermarket launched its own Tri-Flex shaving system to rival Gillette’s Mach3. The supermarket sold packs of Tri-Flex razor heads that were compatible with Gillette Sensor and Sensor Excel handles allowing men to have a three-blade razor without having to shell out for a new handle. A settlement was reached and ultimately Asda replaced the Tri-Flex range with its current range of tri-blade razors.

Posted in Press Centre on 08 October 2009