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ASDA today (23rd August 2006) announced it would be cutting fuel prices again and setting new lower pump prices at all of its 167 petrol stations across the UK and Northern Ireland from tonight.   

ASDA’s new national fuel prices will see unleaded petrol drop to 91.9 pence per litre and diesel fall to 93.9 pence per litre at all its forecourts. 

This is the third move in a week by ASDA, having dropped the price of unleaded fuel by up to four pence last week, followed by further reductions earlier this week. 

This latest cut sees pump prices at their lowest since May and should provide some welcome relief to motorists ahead of the bank holiday weekend. 

Further falls in the price of both crude oil and refined products are enabling ASDA to pass on these cost savings to its customers.   

To make sure all its customers benefit from the lower costs, ASDA has once again reduced the prices at all its forecourts to the same level, irrespective of where customers live and the prices set by local competitors. 

On top of this price reduction, all ASDA credit and store cardholders are currently entitled to a further two pence per litre of fuel discount when paying with their card[i].   

ASDA's consistently low fuel prices and national pricing stance differs from other forecourt operators where prices are varied in line with local competitors. 

ASDA Trading Director, Andy Brem, said: “We guarantee that we will be quick to pass on cost savings to our customers and, today, we’re delivering again on this commitment by offering the lowest pump prices in the UK. 

"We’ve also, once again, taken the opportunity to move nationally so that the same low prices are available to all our customers.” 

Posted in Press Centre on 23 August 2006