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Competitive parents, eager to make their children look like Hollywood stars in the school nativity play, have sent sales of tailor-made costumes soaring, says Asda.  

They’re switching from traditional nativity play props - tea towels, tin foil and tinsel -  to bought-in, ready-made outfits, so that their children will look stunning in front of hundreds of friends, family members and rival parents.    

 So great is the trend that demand for ready made Nativity play Shepherds outfits is now outstripping Asda’s top selling clothes ranges for ADULTS.  

And supermarket chiefs have just asked suppliers to rush through an emergency order for 30,000 more outfits to cope with the soaring sales over the next two weeks.  

Said Asda spokesman Ed Watson: “ So intense is the competition that,  in some productions the main characters will probably look more like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt rather than  the Virgin Mary and Joseph.”

 Ready-made Nativity Sheep, with smart, made-to- measure white wool, and realistic looking ears are next in the top selling nativity list.  

Wise Men’s outfits in brilliant red, smooth, regal satin are close behind, with Angel’s outfits in diaphanous white lace are also flying off the shelves.   Asda has even seen colossal demand for ready made donkey outfit for the nativity play.  

Said Asda spokesman Ed Watson: “ Some parents have clearly decided that there’s a big difference between playing the role of  “ donkey “ and looking like a complete ass. 

“ However, many others busy working parents simply no longer have the time to make nativity play outfits using the traditional materials.  “ The average Nativity Play outfit can take up to 20 hours to make, and that’s a lot of time to devote at the end of a buys working day. 

 “ No parent wants to send their child in front of a hall full of people unless they look their best so our ready-made nativity outfits are helping all parents.” 

However, Asda’s sales figures also reveal that the majority of parents are still opting to make nativity outfits the old fashioned way.  Demand for tea towels – essential head gear for Nativity Play shepherds for decades -  has jumped by over 400 per cent in the last two weeks alone as rehearsals begin across the country.  

Sales of tin foil, tinsel, glitter spray – popular components for angels – have also soared, closely followed by string, glue, face paint and other make and do ingredients.

Posted in Press Centre on 29 November 2006