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Spend a Penny, Save Pounds

Asda launches £1 pack of nappies

With the cost of raising a child estimated at over £200,000, Asda is lending mums a helping hand by launching the UK’s lowest priced newborn nappies – £1 for a pack of 48 or just 2p a poop!

The Little Angel’s New Arrivals (size 1) are Asda’s softest ever nappy and come in at £5.95 cheaper per pack than Pampers (54 pack), the leading brand. Given that the average newborn needs to be changed eight times per day, using Little Angels over the leading brand could save over £40 in the first six weeks of baby’s life – more than enough for a buggy, cot or car seat.

The price cut follows news from the Government that whilst hard-pressed mums are struggling, family allowance will only rise by 30p a week, or £15.60 a year from 1st April. In fact, Pulse of the Nation research from Asda showed that 48% of mums find it hard to survive on just £20 a week child care allowance.

Sarah Gamble, Asda’s baby buyer comments:
“Although having a baby is a money-can’t-buy-experience, it can be expensive, with many parents shelling out over £18,000 before baby’s first birthday. Cutting the price of nappies means we can help to take some of the financial pressure off new mums allowing them to spend time, not money, on their bundle of joy.”

Little Angel’s Nappies are Asda’s softest ever nappy with an embossed top sheet to help absorb the soft motions of newborns and flexible sides for easy changing. In addition to the £1 newborn size, the nappies available in sizes 2 -6, taking the baby up to potty training and costing just £3.75 a pack (48) or three packs for £10.

Based on eight changes a day up until the age of two, an average baby will have 5,840 nappy changes in his/ her lifetime. Using Pampers this could cost up to £598, compared to £437 for Little Angels, a saving of £161.

A spokesman from Tommy’s baby charity says
“Pregnancy and birth can be a stressful time for new parents without the added worry of how to pay for essential baby items. A saving of over £250 could make a real difference to most mums in baby’s first two years taking some of financial strain out of the early years.”

Posted in Press Centre on 01 March 2010