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Shoppers get a pizza the X-Factor

Since September, the X Factor has taken the nation by storm dominating the headlines and becoming essential water-cooler gossip. But it’s not just the hits that have turned the nation into cheese lovers – supermarket Asda has seen pizza sales soar by 400% since Simon and the gang took to the streets searching for a new star.

Given that over 50% of Asda customers watch either X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing in most cases it’s no surprise that many families are giving mum a night off from cooking and stocking up on fresh pizzas and other take-away goodies. Asda ‘create your own’ pizza counters offer families a fun and creative way to enjoy dinner.

Gemma Robertson, Pizza Buyer at Asda comments: “The X Factor phenomenon is truly sweeping the nation – in our shopping habits we are living and breathing it! Pizza is a real winner and we shift more pizza than many well known delivery companies on a Saturday night”

Gemma added: “With the series shake up this year the final is on both Saturday and Sunday which gives our customers two nights to celebrate. Pizza and our other take away offerings are always popular as they are perfect to share with friends and family”

To celebrate the final weekend which expects to receive over 12 million viewers, Asda are offering every customer a chance to come in to either the Dagenham, Chelmsford or South Shields store to have their own X Factor pizza made in support of their favourite contestant Stacey (Dagenham), Olly (Chelmsford) and Joe (South Shields). The pizza will include the famous ‘X’ logo made out of any ingredient the customer wants. This is available on Saturday and Sunday only.

Some local stores have even outshone the sales increase such as South Shields which has seen sales rise by a massive 800% since they launched their campaign to vote Geordie Joe McElderry to win.

Posted in Press Centre on 12 December 2009