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She's got some bottle(s)!

Asda reveals that the majority of women have over 5 perfumes in their personal collection

Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Kate Moss all have their own, and it appears that Asda shoppers have ‘em all. Research by Asda out today shows a whopping 81% of us have at least five different bottles of perfume on the go at any one time; that’s a different fragrance for every working day of the week.

While for the majority of women spritzing on one of their many scents is naturally the final stage of their preening process, others just like to hoard perfume for the bottles themselves; 54% of women admitted to showcasing their collection as an artistic display as the motivation behind having a collection of scents on the go.

The most unusual and innovative ways to exhibit the perfume bottles were revealed as being in shoe organisers, on ornate turn tables and even in spice racks – the latter giving a whole new meaning to the spicy undertones of a fragrance!

Laura Northend, Beauty Marketing Manager at Asda commented: “While a woman’s collection of perfumes may look a million dollars, it’s worth noting that any over five years old will have lost their unique aroma. Now is the time for all the fragrance hoarders out there to wake up and smell the perfume by disregarding the old and bringing in the new. At Asda, we’ve lowered the cost of our designer perfumes to a scent-sational £25 each – a deal that certainly shouldn’t be sniffed at.”

For thousands of years both men and women have used perfume and oils to scent their bodies, and perfume is now rated as one of the most popular gifts for anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas. 92% of those questioned have given the present of perfume to a loved one to mark a special occasion, with almost 95% of Asda customers having received the heaven-scent gift at one time or another.

The perfumes are available from both store and on line at Asda Direct.

Comparison table:

Perfume Asda Price Boots Debenhams Tesco
Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue (25ml) £25 £31 £31 £29.62
Cost per Spray* 75p 94p 94p 90p
Flowers by Kenzo (30ml) £25 £27.58 £31 n/a
Cost per Spray 63p 69p 78p n/a
Emporio Armani Diamonds (30ml) £25 £35 £30.50 n/a
Cost per Spray 63p 88p 76p n/a
Joop Homme (75ml) £25 £26 £28 £24.51
Cost per Spray 25p 26p 28p 25p
ckIN2U (150ml) £25 n/a £44 £35
Cost per Spray 13p n/a 14p 13p
Paul Smith Rose (100ml) £25 n/a n/a n/a
Cost per Spray 19p n/a n/a n/a

Posted in Press Centre on 09 November 2011