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Selling for £5 sparks a book-buying frenzy at Asda

Today sees the hugely anticipated launch of Dan Brown’s latest novel The Lost Symbol (the next instalment to the previous international bestsellers, The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons) and supermarket Asda has announced it will be selling the book for an astonishingly low £5.

Sparking a price war which the supermarket expects will prompt its competitors to drop their prices as well, Asda today says the book’s iconic price is making the new book accessible and affordable to all.

Asda’s Marketing Manager for Books, Dewi Williams, commented: “Our customers rely on us to bring them unbeatable low prices everyday and that’s exactly what we’ll be giving them with The Lost Symbol which has an RRP of £18.99.”

Dewi added: “We expect to sell just under twenty thousand copies of The Lost Symbol in the coming week and our customers and colleagues alike are gearing up for one of our biggest book-selling weeks of the year.”

Following the success of Dan Brown’s previous books, one of which The Da Vinci Code sold over 80 million copies and became the best-selling adult novel of the 21st century, Asda has ensured that extra stock of The Lost Symbol has been brought in to cope with the increased customer demand.

The mystery and excitement surrounding the new book’s plot line – which has remained a closely guarded secret by its publishers until today – has created even greater anticipation. Closely guarded by security in depot, store deliveries of the book come with strict guidelines stating boxes containing
The Lost Symbol should not be opened until a minute past midnight on Tuesday 15th September.

Creating extra fun and buzz to the book’s launch, Asda also announced it will be holding a series of ‘unofficial Dan Brown book signings’ in stores across the country which have a colleague named Dan Brown working there.

Today at stores in Leamington Spa, Kirkton, Bangor, Nuneaton and Cwmbram, customers will be able to have their books signed by their very own Dan Brown colleague!

The timely launch of Dan Brown’s latest novel couples with the release of his blockbuster cinema-hit Angels and Demons on DVD and Asda will also be running a promotion allowing customers to buy both The Lost Symbol book and Angels and Demons DVD for a staggering £14.

Posted in Press Centre on 15 September 2009