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Scorching Britain - temperatures set to soar as Britain goes BBQ bonkers

  • Brits stocking up on sausages, burgers and Pimms
  • Sales of BBQ food and drink set to heat up as the mercury expected to hit 27 degrees
  • Asda predicts its biggest BBQ weekend of the year

With temperatures in the UK this week set to be hotter than traditional hot spots such as Greece and Italy, Asda have revealed its preparations for the expected boom in sales of BBQ food and drink.

With the dull, grey and miserable weather we’ve experienced so far this year and temperatures struggling to reach double figures, it would appear that Brits are not prepared to let this mini heat-wave go to waste.

Temperatures are set to peak at 27 degrees, making it the hottest day of the year so far, with the met office predicting the mini heat wave will last well into the weekend.

And as shoppers dust off those BBQs and stock up on BBQ food and drink, Asda is predicting a barbecue boost to its sales and are expecting to sell the following:

  • 5 million sausages which is 70% more than normal
  • 1 million burgers
  • Half a million bags of salad which is 20% more than a normal week.
  • 115% increase in sales of Burger buns
  • 60% increase in sales of Ice Cream Cupcakes
  • 75% increase in sales of Pimms
  • 300% increase in sales of Melton Mowbray pork pies

Chris Carden, Asda’s head of fresh food supply said today: “We have already seen rising sales throughout the week of typical BBQ fare such as burgers and sausages but with the mini heat wave expected to continue into the weekend, we’re expecting it to be one of the biggest we’ve ever seen for barbecue foods.”

Posted in Press Centre on 24 May 2012