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Rise of the Promzilla!

UK teens put pressure on parents purse strings with outlandish demands for High School Proms

  • 60% of parents feel pressured into buying designer expensive dresses for their children
  • 74% of parents are willing to go without to ensure that their children celebrate their prom in style
  • Half of parents admit that their daughter’s first prom is just as important as their wedding

Limousines, helicopters, designer dresses, tuxedos and expensive jewellery are some of the outlandish demands parents are facing around this year’s school proms. A recent survey by George at Asda revealed that 60% of parents were feeling the pressure to buy expensive outfits for their children just so they can keep up with their peers.

Following the rise in popularity of US TV shows such as ‘Glee’ and ‘My Super Sweet Sixteen’, British teens are demanding extravagant Prom Nights to emulate their American high-school counterparts. The influence of lavish celebrity birthday parties, thrown by the likes of Paris Hilton (who had five 21st parties in five different cities) and Justin Bieber (who had an extravagant 16th birthday party recently) has convinced UK teens that this is the norm. The ‘PromZilla’ phenomenon has seen teenagers demand new outfits and accessories for every single prom. With the average teenager now attending five proms before the age of 20, parents are splashing out between £500-£1000 per child to attend all of their school proms.

According to George research, parents are also becoming more influenced by the US prom phenomenon with half of those polled admitting that their daughter’s first prom is just as important to them as their wedding. Three quarters of parents admitted that they are having to cut back on other luxuries in order to ensure that their children can celebrate their prom in style.

Fiona Lambert, George Brand Director comments “Prom is an important night for teenagers and we want to help them celebrate in style. To help cash strapped parents we have introduced the affordable Occasion Wear range at George at Asda with a range of tuxedos and prom dresses starting at just £18.”

Posted in Press Centre on 16 July 2010