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Ramsay effect is a load of scallops!!


King Scallops, groundnut oil and honeycomb chocolate are just some of the more unusual products that are expected to sell record volumes this week - thanks to Gordon Ramsay - says ASDA.

In the programme entitled ‘Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live’, due to be aired on 18 January, Gordon will be teaching the nation how to make a gourmet three course meal in an hour by inviting the public to cook along with him.

In preparation, ASDA has been filling the shelves with the ingredients that are needed to make the menu for four, which includes pan fried scallops, sirloin steaks and chocolate mousse.

Sales of the items are on average expected to grow by 200% this week. In addition, portable TV sales, so that people can watch television in their kitchen, have also gone up by 160%.

ASDA is offering the best price on the ingredients, with the total basket cost coming in at £30.22 compared to Waitrose, at £43.36.

ASDA spokesperson, Ed Watson commented:

“At ASDA we've made it even easier to get up to speed with Gordon's Cookalong, it looks like Mr Ramsay has all the ingredients for a great TV show. 

To make it easier on the pocket, we've gone and done the shopping for you so you know where to come for the best value ingredients. 

With the shopping costing £12 more at other retailers, buy it from the wrong store and you'll end up using the f word”. 


 Price comparison table 

ProductASDAMorrison'sSainsbury's Tesco'sWaitrose
200g cherry tomatoes58p58p69p58p£1.49
Small bunch coriander50p69p69p69p79p
Small bunch basil50p69p69p69p79p
1 lemon28p28p29p28p55p
120g rocket77p93p99p£1.1599p
4 x medium Desiree potatoes (approx 600g)£1.48£1.49£1.59£1.96£3.09
200ml full fat crème fraiche62p62p69p69p75p
250ml fresh double cream£1.6888p for 300ml£1.68£1.68£1.72
1 x pack salted butter94p94p94p94p95p
1 x small block of Parmesan£1.98£3.63£2.50£3.42£2.39
12 king scallops, hand-dived if you can get them£5.50 250g of fresh scallops£6.30£6.5 for fresh scallops£5.20 250g of frozen king scallops/£5.49 250g Tesco Finest Scallops£5.99 for 200g of fresh scallops
4 x good quality Sirloin steaks approx 220 – 250g each, and approx 2.5 cm thick(for one)£1.29£3.35£1.29£1.29£2.57
1 x medium bottle olive oil£3.41£3.42£3.69£3.42£4.15
1 x medium bottle groundnut oil67p£3.9969p67p£1.05
3 x tablespoons white wine vinegar£1.43£1.30£1.39£1.43£1.49
60g pitted black olives (Kalamata if possible)82p 98p82p77p£1.09
Sea salt (Saxa Coarse Sea Salt)79p47p95p92p95p
Black peppercorns£1.49£1.62£1.65£1.62£2.45
Chilli flakes£1.96n/a£1.39£1.98£2.99
20g icing sugar (Silver spoon icing sugar)58p58p58p58p59p
2 x 32g bars of chocolate covered honeycomb (Crunchie for example)44p44p44p44p44p
150g dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa)68p68p68p68p68p
2 tablespoons coffee liqueur (Tia Maria)£10.00£12.78£12.79£12.48£12.79
Posted in Press Centre on 18 January 2008