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Probably the best – and cheapest – beer!

It’s been judged better than one of the world’s most expensive bottles of beer – and ASDA customers agree the supermarket’s Smartprice range is tops.

Viewers last night saw TV presenter Kate Garraway choose ASDA’s Smartprice lager over a £204 bottle of Carlsberg on Gordon Ramsay’s F Word.

But the value and quality of the lager will not be a surprise to ASDA’s customers, who have helped push up sales by 17% this year as the credit brunch starts to bite.

Smartprice lager is sold at ASDA in four and 12-pack cans, priced at 88p for the four pack.

News of the lager’s taste test success on The F Word comes just days before ASDA cuts the alcohol content of both Smartprice lager and bitter.

The products will be reduced from 3% to 2% for lager and 2.1% for bitter from June.

The move is in response to customers who want a lower ABV product – but ASDA can assure them the value and taste they, and Kate Garraway, love will remain the same.

Jill Wilson, ASDA’s beer buyer, said: “The vast majority of our customers drink sensibly and in moderation. ASDA’s Smartprice beers allow these customers to buy alcohol at a value price.

“Smartprice beers are very popular and customers are increasingly turning to them as a great beer buy during the credit crunch.”

Posted in Press Centre on 21 May 2008